Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brenna's mishap

Before I get into this story, I do want to mention that on Tuesday, Nate went and got groceries with the girls. I had a peaceful, quiet afternoon because Ammon took a nap. When they got home, Nate had bought me a single white rose! I felt guilty because I have been such a naggy wife lately, and I did not deserve it! I loved it so much. I am married to such a sweet man! Kaylee was excited about me getting the rose to and made sure I put it in a sunny place.

Anyway, yesterday morning started with a run with my new running friends at Syracuse High (awesome!) and Brenna being naughty. She kept making Kaylee cry for whatever reason. It was getting old. It was time for her to learn a lesson. So Nate when in there to tell her what was what. When he walked in, Brenna was startled, so she fell off the bed, making her bite her bottom lip hard. REAL hard. She had a gaping laceration. Nate brought her to me, and kept saying how bad he felt, like it was his fault! But really, it's just one of those things, dang it. It wasn't bleeding a lot, but it looked pretty big on her small face. I didn't see anything on the inside of her mouth. I ran it past my mom and she thought it might be a good idea to take her to the doc just to make sure she doesn't need stitches.

Great. Good thing I didn't have plans already for the day (haha NOT!).

So luckily, I was able to get her an appt. with a family practice doc at the Layton clinic. Poor Brenna! I took her in and she just kept saying, "I have a owie," with the most sad face you've ever seen. She kept touching it to, so there was blood everywhere. After we got checked in, we sat in the waiting area, and another mom there saw her and said, "Oooo....ouch!" And her big alligator tears....anyone who knows Brenna knows what I mean.

They took us back, and it was all traumatizing...getting her weight, the exam, and worst of all, the numbing solution for her cut. It was funny, once her lip was numb she just started chewing on it. I kept promising her if she was good we could have a treat. I said, "Brenna, do you want ice cream? Or cookies?" She said, "I want ice cream and cookies."

After the doc checked her out, he told me it was very superficial and would probably cause more scarring to put stitches in than to just leave it be. YAY! So we were done! I said, "Brenna, do you want some ice cream now?" She said, "and cookies."

So on our way home, we stopped by Smith's to get her ice cream and cookies, but we didn't make it past the donuts. She saw them and pointed and said, "I want cookies." I got her out of the cart so she could see all the doughnuts. When I asked her which one she wanted, she just pointed to all of them. Finally, she said, "Choc-o-late one." We got out a chocolate-frosted doughnut and put it in a paper bag. I gave it to her to hold on to. They were having a case lot sale, so I decided to grab a few (or like 10) while we were there. The entire time, Brenna diligently held on to her little paper bag. She looked so adorable, you know, with her big white marshmallow coat and white fluffy hat, her swollen bloody lip, her teary eyes...and her little fingers clutching her doughnut bag! It melted my heart!

When we got home, Kaylee soon recognized the foreign bag. She discovered the doughnut inside. She said, "Mom, why does Brenna have a doughnut in that bag?" I said, "She got an owie." Kaylee said, "'s really BIG doughnut." (Implying that it's too big for a small girl like Brenna.) I told Kaylee we could ask Brenna if she'd be willing to share it. So I took out the doughnut and asked Brenna if she'd be willing to share. I cut it in half and gave one half to Brenna. She immediately gave it to Kaylee! (Of course she immediately turned around, anxious, making sure SHE got one as well) I was so proud! Sweet girl.

Later, Cami came over to watch the children so Nate and I could go to dinner and a movie. Carissa and Angela also came so Carissa could dye Ang's hair. Grandma T stopped in, and was so happy to see Cami, because she had just purchased a Nook and knew Cami also had one. Cami said she came down about 4 more times while we were gone to ask her questions about it! Haha.

Nate and I often have a very difficult time picking a restaurant, so we drove around all over Layton to scout out practically every single restaurant. I kept telling Nate that I was SURE we would be running to make it on time to the movie. We finally ended up choosing a Mongolian Grill right by Target. I LOVED it! When we got done, we had to rush to the theater, and as I predicted, we ran all the way to our seats! We saw Tron in 3D...we were both a little disappointed...for many reasons that would take too long to type right now! But regardless, it was SO nice to go somewhere without the kiddos for once. Thanks so much CAMI!!

Angela ended up spending the night and came running with my running group this morning! It was SO fun to have her there! All the people I run with have run marathons, and she TOTALLY kept up even though she hasn't been running in weeks! I wish she lived closer so she could join us always!

She stayed through the afternoon...and being the SWEETHEART that she is, went and bought the magic marker stuff at walmart and tried to clean the spots of hair dye Carissa got on my floor(it was an accident). She also cleaned up the house, even cleaned out my microwave! I seriously LOVE THAT GIRL! :)

Now I'm off to work. I haven't worked since Sunday, so I'm ready. After tonight, I have an entire week off! Awesome!


Chaleese said...

Oh, poor sweet Brenna. I'm so sad she got an ouch. It's kind of like when Payson cut his ear, and we had to take him to the doctor, but they said that stitches would be to painful..poor kids...I'm glad she is okay. Cute husband that brings you a white rose. Love it. I'm glad you and Nate got to go out without the kids. :) Miss you Sarah. I feel like I have not seen in forever!!! :(

Anonymous said...

You tell a great story even though I know it was stressful at the time. Brenna is such a tease, the poor thing though. I hope it heals well. Cindy

Brian, Alisha, Jayce, and Halli said...

So fun to see all these new posts Sarah! I love getting a glimpse into the life you lead as a super Mom... You are an inspiration with your motivation to run! How sweet of Brenna to be so willing to share!

I am so disappointed we didn't get to see you guys up at Aunt Blenda's. It's been way too long...

Jeff and Ashley said...

Oh that is so sad... there is nothing worse than having your baby get hurt!
And so sweet of Nate to bring you a rose... I love things like that!