Saturday, January 8, 2011

It feels so good to RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!

Many of you know that I started running after I had Ammon. I have really been determined to be in better shape...for myself and for my family. I started running with a lady in my ward who has now run 38 about motivation! I didn't have a training plan, so I got injured and had to take a full 4 weeks off. During the holidays, I started easing into running again. I've been so paranoid that I will get another injury! I went to Striders this last week and got some new shoes. I just got some new ones in the summer, but apparently they wear out after 250-500 miles, which is like 3-4 months if you run a lot! No wonder I got injured! Anyway, I'm back on the bandwagon. I ran 8 miles this morning on the treadmill...and even though it was really boring, it did wonders for my sanity. P.S. I am getting super board with my workout playlist, so if anyone has some favorite workout songs, please share!

Also, in case you haven't noticed, I have joined You type in your food journal for the day and it counts the calories for you. It does the same with exercise. Then it gives you a net total calories. It keeps track of your weight, etc. Then you can add your friends, so it's like a community! I seriously love it, it has motivated me so much to do better with my overall health and fitness! I do so much better when I have friends on board with me, so please please please join and add me as your friend!!!

Off the subject... another thing that is plaguing me about nursing Ammon (besides the fact that he is losing interest)...he has 2 bottom TEETH! Enough said. That's what I've been dealing with today. Ugh, if I have to start formula I will be soooo disappointed. :( At least he is taking solids well. I just have to jam pack them with calories. It's so funny, we could totally tell he was teething, because lately anything he finds he shoves in his mouth and starts growling as he ferociously chews on it.

I took the girls with me to the D.I. today. Brenna's coat was so fluffy, when she got tired she just closed her eyes and fell asleep sitting up! It was a 'strange place', so of course Kaylee needed to use the bathroom (any time we go somewhere new, she's gotta check out the bathroom.). Other than that, it was a fairly uneventful trip. I love thrift stores, I love to find junk and turn it into a treasure!! Last night I made picture frames out of cereal boxes and they turned out SOOO cute. I'll have to share pictures! You will all think I'm a flippin' genius. :)

Here's a funny story about Brenna today: she asked me for a piece of bread, so I gave one to her.
(Kaylee was in the bathtub at the time.) She came up to me a few minutes later, asking me for another piece of bread. As she trotted away she said, "For Kaylee." I didn't think much of it. But then Nate came out of the bedroom and told me that for the last 1/2 hour, Brenna was tearing off bits of bread and shoving it under the bathroom door, trying to give it to Kaylee. I really wonder where these girls get their ideas sometimes!

Here's something funny about Kaylee. The other day when Carissa was here doing Angela's hair, Kaylee watched her very intently for a while. Then she went on her merry way. I found her in the living room awhile later with her doll propped up with a towel draped around it. The doll's hair was clipped up, just like Carissa had done to Angela's hair. She also had a squirt bottle, a comb, and a brush. For the rest of the evening, she was a hair stylist. It was so cute!

Well, it's time to go force-feed Ammon. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend!


Chaleese said...

Can I just tell you again, that I love that your back blogging! LOVE IT! You are amazing Sarah. I so wish I had your motivation to run, and exercise. :( I am not doing so great with that. I love that Brenna was trying to give Kaylee bread. Oh my cute! And Kaylee, the little hair dresser. :) Sorry that Ammon is starting to bite yuck! Oh, and I was going to call you the other day, life just got busy. But I would really like to chat and soon! Let me know when you are free!!

Cami Bringhurst said...

oh my that Brenna story made me laugh out loud. That girl is hilarious.

Kaylee said...

Sarah! I was so happy to see you're posting again! And way to go w/ your running--it feels great to stay physically active and have some healthy "me" time! Hope to see you guys soon!