Monday, January 10, 2011

Spiritual gifts and a football coupon

On Saturday night, Nate and the kids and I were all up late watching movies, so it was REALLY difficult to wake up and be ready for 9 AM church (used to be 11). In fact, we weren't ready on time. Nate was supposed to say the prayer in sacrament, and he didn't know which one, so he and Kaylee left so they could be on time. Kaylee looked so cute, she was wearing her big fluffy blue and black dress. Brenna wore the pink checkered dress that Cami (of course) gave her, so she looked adorable as well. Ammon wore a vest and tie so he looked....handsome (I'm not allowed to say cute cause it's not manly enough)

I had to leave to feed Ammon during gospel doctrine. I was SO sad, because the lesson was about Elizabeth and Zechariah, and Mary. It is one of the things that I have actually really studied about in detail, so I would have been able to contribute to the lesson for once. Bummer. It is also a topic that really interests me, so I was anxious to see what sister Volk had prepared.

I got to go to relief society though. The lesson was about spiritual gifts. Heidi had a huge list that she posted of some of the many many spiritual gifts that exist. One that I was looking for was not on the list to my suprise...patience. One thing I have always lacked is patience. That is one thing I am always working on; waiting on the Lord. When I ask Nate to do something, I want it done now. When I start a project, I want it done now. When I'm hungry, I need to eat now. And when I pray for something, I really...want!

Nate has patience. LOTS of patience. He is patient with me, thank goodness! Another spiritual gift he has is to offer mighty prayer. It was on Heidi's list, and I thought of Nate right away. He does really well with giving talks and lessons, but I have heard him say the most profound things when he prays and/or gives blessings. Nate AND Kaylee have the gift of being calm. Something Brenna and I don't relate to as well. She related each of us in the world as being part of a whole, like a limb is part of the body. The ear is the ear, and it can't be a mouth or a toe or an elbow. To sum it up, we are all different with different gifts, and working together, we make a body. We shouldn't be envious of others gifts or want to be just like someone else. We all have a job to do, and compliment each other with our differences. Just the way Nate's patience compliments my lack thereof! Haha.

She also reminded us that we can seek after gifts, and should seek after the best gifts. In that way, we become like our Father in Heaven.

After church, I asked Kaylee what she learned. She said,"Hmm....I can't remember. Wait, I know! We learned nothing." I was laughing. Later she said, "We didn't learn anything, we just colored. And I colored a picture of Jesse and Jesse's hat."

For Christmas, I gave Nate a 'coupon' book. One of the coupons said I would watch 1 full game of football with him. He decided to use this coupon on the game that evening. Every time I'd start doing something that would take away my attention even the slightest bit, he'd refocus me, you know, reinforcing the unwritten terms of the coupon. In the end, I was surprised how much I enjoyed watching the game! I don't know if it was the spandex, or getting to spend a full 2 hours with Nate! ;)

This morning, I ran. It was really hard to get up at 4:50. I wanted to go back to sleep. But I was so glad I went, because when I got back I had enough energy to clean both bathrooms, mop the floors, wash the dishes, and dress and feed the kids, all before noon!

Once we had lunch, I took Kaylee and Brenna with me to discover the magical world of Winco. And that is how I would explain truly was magical. I was there for like an hour and a half just looking at everything! I'm loving the bulk stuff that you dump into baggies yourself! There was such a huge variety, I didn't know what to do with myself.

Afterward, we went to Mark and Cindy's for the big college game. Cindy made us some amazing calzones and cinnamon rolls! (They always spoil us.) It's weird that I still have 2 days off before I work because I already have all my chores done! Food in the fridge, sparkling I'm read for some high tech R&R!


Chaleese said...

Thanks for the lesson. I needed that today. And as much as I hate to admit it, I kinda like football when I sit down and watch it too. (really must be the spandex) :)

Ps How do you get the cute writing on on your post titles?

Kyle and Reesie said...

Sarah, you are so amazing. Every time I think about you it makes me want to be better. When I start getting stressed or upset about how things are working out in our lives I think about you and how hard you work and what an amazing family you have. I think that if I can even be a little like you I will be a better person (And I am not trying to be cheesy or anything,...I really think about you a lot :)
I wish we would have had more time to spend with you guys while we were up, but I am just so glad you were able to come over for a bit. We love you guys so much and always have a fun time being with you.

Allison and Darin said...

I agree with Charise. How do you manage to get it all done??? I love that you're writing on your blog. Perhaps I will do the same! Haha- and here we go- me desperately attempting to imitate you in any way, shape, or form! Love ya, Sis.