Friday, January 14, 2011

Ammon's mishap

I have found that the way I write my entries have changed. This is because I now have an audience. I think it's a good thing, because it forces me to be positive and not just vent and complain. I think my future posterity will appreciate more of an optimistic read vs the alternative. So thank you to everyone who reads my blog.

The past few days have been nice, fairly uneventful. I've spent time just being a mom. I did work last night, and even though it was difficult to stay awake (because the days I don't work I'm up at 4:50 AM), it was pretty slow, and I got to put my feet up a little bit. That hasn't happened in a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time! Also, I just found out that I've been called off tonight until 9...possibly the whole night! I have mixed feelings about that though. I've been regularly called off about once a month. Even through the winter, which is when we are normally busiest. I know that Davis Hospital has laid off a bunch of their nurses. I used to think my job was very secure, and I still do, but not as secure as before. {shiver}

After Christmas, I put the girls' kitchen set and table in the closet under the stairs, sort of like a mini play room. They LOVE it! I made a sign that says "Kiss the Chef...Kaylee and Brenna's Diner." It's so cute because Kaylee will shut the door, open it and say to Brenna, "Welcome to Kiss the Chef, Kaylee and Brenna's Diner." Over and over again! They shut themselves in there and you can just here their little quiet conversations. I think it's adorable.

The other day there was a mishap with Ammon. He does the little 'army crawl' thing, and he's fast. Really fast. So I had all 3 kids in the living room playing with toys while I was crafting away. Ammon saw my box full of scrapbook paper and climbed up and peeked in. He scrunched up his little face and just started crinkling and smashing as much paper as he could. I pulled him away and put the lid on the box. The next moment, I hear a crinkle crinkle crinkle. I look over, and he had pulled the lid off and was digging into my paper again! So I put a smaller box on top of that box. He pulled that small box onto his head! He cried for a minute, but then went another direction. Good grief!

But that is not the end. Moments after that I heard a huge CRASH!! And it was a long, multiple item type crash, followed by Ammon's really sad 'I'm hurt' cry. I went running, my heart pounding! He was in the girls' room and had pulled their big new dollhouse over on top of himself! The poor baby! I got him out from under the rubble and he had like 7 big welts across the right side of his head! It totally smashed his head! I quickly checked his pupils, they were equal and reactive. His fontanel wasn't bulging. He seemed to be ok, other than the lumpy cranium. He stopped crying and looked at me for a minute with big tears in his eyes. I said, "Are you okay, bud?" And....he smiled. That is Ammon for you. I gave him some motrin to help with the swelling. I felt like such a bad mother!!! I vowed that from now on, if I can't watch him with my eyeballs at all times, he is going in the highchair, exersaucer, or doorway bouncer. Period.

Here's a little clip of the cute little trouble maker. Pretty random, but cute.


Gords said...

Glad the little guy's OK. Gotta love it when they're tough and get back to business.

Gma Cindy said...

Ohhhh, trouble from here on out trying to check out everything. He is really climbing and so so cute of course. It's hard to get upset when they are so pleasant!

Chaleese said...

I'm SO glad your cute little guy is okay. I swear, when they start moving they are into everything! What a tough little man! :)

Kyle and Reesie said...

I feel like every time I have a little baby I go through that again. I think that they are fine just going about their business until they get themselves into something and either fall or crush themselves with something heavy. It is like not only are the little kids learning, but I have to re-learn things with every child! I am so glad that Ammon is ok. And you are the most wonderful mom :) Never forget it...(That is the cutest about Kaylee and Brenna's Diner. What a great idea to have a little sign and everything!)

Allison and Darin said...

I want to come to Kaylee and Brenna's Diner! Such a cute idea, Sar. And poor Ammon!! He is such a mischievous little boy isn't he! So cute. He really is always smiling. I love your logs, keep it up.