Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dan the Man

This is how my morning routine goes. I wake up, feed Ammon, run with my buddies, then grab my breakfast and sit myself down in front of the computer...and look at houses. Don't ask me why, I just love it! It's not like I'm going to be buying one any time soon...but it's sort of like window shopping. I don't usually buy much like when I go to the mall or something, but it calms me. I could 'window shop' all day long and never get tired of it! I am partial to the homes I see with nice kitchens and fenced yards. {Sigh}

Any way, this morning I didn't quite do my normal routine. Since I was called off last night, we were all up late watching movies and eating crap. I had good intentions of waking up really early to get things done, but I ended up sleeping in until 7:15 (Haha I can't believe I'm calling that sleeping in...but it really is sleeping in for me!). So instead of running at 5:45, we ran at 8. We went to the community center to run on the track. It was a nice change!

We ended up running 12 miles. AWESOME! It flew by since we got chatting. Seriously, running with friends is the only way to go. It totally takes your mind off the task at hand. It is 10 times better than running to tunes on my ipod! Also, I think it really conditioned my lungs today because we had to shout over the basketball players on the court below. And another thing, I am secretly SO SO grateful that we have been running inside. Thinking about running in the winter weather makes my bones hurt!

One of the people in the group is a man named Dan. Dan is THE man. He is 62. He has 8 kids, has been a pilot, runs like 10 or so marathons a year, and spends his free time snow boarding. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? And every time I run with him, I learn something new and awesome about him. He is so encouraging too. He keeps telling me I'm going to do great at Ogden. I'm telling you folks, I hang with the right crowd. If I stick with him, maybe I'll end up being like him! We love ya Dan!

Later, Nate took Kaylee and Ammon to the in-laws to watch football. Brenna took a nap, and I got the house all cleaned. I really really really enjoyed the peaceful quiet. It is so rare in our dwelling.

When Brenna woke up, we joined the group over at the Bringhursts. They fed us. It was yummy. They do that pretty often, they're great that way.

Tomorrow we look forward to early church. Yikes! Can we please go back to 11? I'm going to make taco soup. It just feels like taco soup weather, doesn't it?

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!


Gords said...

Yeah, Dan is the man. I hope in as great shape when I'm his age. What a nice guy too.

Jones Family said...

Sarah, I Iove looking at houses like that too, and I totally sigh at big kitchens and fenced yards!! I can't believe you can run that much, you are amazing!! :)

Kyle and Reesie said...

That is so awesome you found such wonderful people to run with! I hope in the near future I can start running. You have definitely inspired me to want to run. And I love your window calms me too, I just never thought of doing it with houses! What a good idea. :)

Allison and Darin said...

I want approval from Dan the Man! I want it bad... I can't wait to start running (though honestly I think I'll do the first several months with just me and my ipod since I can't think of anything more humiliating than trying to keep up with you guys). Ha! I'm with Charise on the window shopping. I like it, but my passion isn't in houses just yet. :)