Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today I conquered myself!

I'll start with Sunday. This IS a journal people. So do bear with me!

We had Mark, Cindy and Cami over for dinner Sunday night and then watched a movie. It was so nice. I love Sundays like that! That evening we opened up the Friend Magazine and there was a story about Lehi's dream, the tree of life. Kaylee was really interested in the story! We closed our eyes and pretended we couldn't see in the mist of darkness. Then we pretended to eat the delicious fruit (that was Brenna's favorite part). The girls loved describing all the fruit it tasted BETTER than, like apples, watermelon, grapes, etc. It had these cut outs that Kaylee did all by herself and glued them to a paper. She could tell the whole story by herself! "Iron rod! Word of God!" SO cute.

On Monday, I went running with my buddies and then it was time to nap. Nate had a "Toy story 1 party" with the girls, as Kaylee called it. That night I took care of a patient that reminded me of one of the human characters on "Wall-e." Enough said, right? I was busy all night! But it kept me awake!

Yesterday, Tuesday, Nate was such a champ. I came home and went right to sleep. He got Kaylee ready (well, actually Kaylee got herself ready...she had quite the outfit going. Mismatched socks even!) and off to preschool. Then he picked her up and was late for school so I could sleep more. It was SOOO nice! He even put Ammon down for a nap before he left for school, so I got to sleep 'till like 1:20! Good man.

When I woke up, I was so happy, I basically spent the rest of the evening playing games with the kids. We played a topple game, cards, sang songs, you name it. I loved every minute! Then when Nate got home, he and I played sequence in the girls room while they watched a movie. The good news of that story is that I beat him 4 times out of 5! The bad news is that I made a bet with him on the last game that whoever won didn't have to help get the kids ready for bed. Yeah, that's the one I lost. OF COURSE!!

After the kids were in bed, we watched Blade Runner. Nate had to practically slap me across the face every 5 minutes to keep me awake!

So now getting to TODAY! I am proud of 2 major accomplishments today: #1 I ran 14 miles this morning! That's my record! We ran 6.5 at the high school, then I ran home and then kept going till I reached 14...actually a little more. Like close to 14.5. My hands were so numb I couldn't push the 'stop workout' button on Nate's phone. I walked over to where Cathi was cross guarding to tell her the good news! She of all people would be the most excited and she was! She gave me a big hug. I felt so proud, like a little kid showing his Mom an 'A' on his paper!

The #2 great accomplishment: I bathed all my kiddos and trimmed their nails. You moms understand completely I'm sure!

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty happy today! I am however very sobered by the news that my friend's 2-year-old niece was killed in an accident. It makes me want to hold all 3 of my babies and never let them out of my sight! Life is so precious. However, I am sure that our creator is mindful of each of us. He's in charge, so I'm confident everything will be okay eventually for them.

Now, I thought I'd do a picture update! Enjoy!

Ammon on New Years

Kaylee and Tierney celebrating at midnight on New Years!

Snow angels!

Brenna being a character

Tierney, Cami.

No, Ryan wasn't aiming at me. I stole this picture from...Cami? Or Tierney?
Party hats!


Ammon boy

Ok, remember Brenna's accident? That's the cut on her lip. Those little dots on her face are from the impact, not lunch leftovers.

Poor girl!


Kathy Nielson said...

Yay for pictures! I love that you are writing to much!! You are such a good example Sarah, keep up the good work.

Chaleese said...

Sarah! You are such a rock star! Super women, super mom! I love you! I loved all the pictures, and Ammon looks more and more like Nate every time I see him. Darling!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sarah! You have a pretty blessed are awesome. Nate is awesome and your kids are awesome!