Friday, December 30, 2011

Trip to Philly part 2

Paco bought a big 'ol cured pig leg...holy pig! Did I mention we ate well at their house?

Let the site seeing begin! First up, Liberty Bell.


 Walkin' the streets of Phili!
 Random: Eagles Mascot!?!?!

Brenna was stuck like glue to Aunt Meri! 

 Snack break.

Independence Hall! 

 She read this whole thing by herself!


 Buying hot dogs on the street was an experience.
The girls ALL pitch in to help in the kitchen. Here they are making roasted almonds.
We decided to head home that evening. It was late when we came home, and we were welcomed by our Christmas mess. We didn't care, we all went straight to bed! After a week of the heat being turned off though, our house was like an icebox and took FOREVER to warm up! Lots of blankets that night!

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