Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My children make me smile.

Kids say funny things!


At movies with dad and Brenna, they were the first ones there. People started to come into the theater and Brenna said, "Look! here comes more people!" Kaylee said, "Brenna, they're not people, they're customers."


"Kaylee, what did her name is?" (what is her name?)
"We can have green eggs for breakfix?" (can we have green eggs for breakfast?)


Mo pee! (more please)
Zzz aaa! (socks)
Jeews (shoes)
Duh? (done)
My! (mine)
Booo! (moo)
Deego deego deego (gobble gobble)
Ah ah ah (oo oo ah ah)
Baa-bo (apple)
Baa-bo (bottle)
Ga-geh! (jacket)
No no no no no!!
Ooo peee (oopsie)
Uh! Oh!
Me-me (binky)

 And NOW for...the many faces of Kaylee.

And NOW for the many faces of Brenna.


Cindy said...

love it...thanks Sarah...

Cami Bringhurst said...

that is about right.....They make some GREAT FACES!!!