Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh the randomness of January...

 January was a little lame. Here in Pittsburgh, the sun is basically non-existent. Until March, really. It's so gloomy outside! We didn't have a lot of snow though, which is unusual for Pittsburgh. I think January is kinda like the downward slope after the peak of Christmas. Plus my camera broke, so I haven't really enjoyed taking pictures because they all crap. Until my camera gets fixed, I am going to have to *tongue in cheek* take pictures with what we have! 

Jan. 1
New Years was awesome

Nate had to prepare a talk for the next day. He worked on that, and the rest of us went to bed. How's that for a new years eve???

And the next day, New Years Day, we...went to church! Ha! It was actually very enjoyable because we were all rested! The rest of the ward looked slightly more tired than usual...

Inge (our land lord) came to collect our rent. She said to let her know as soon as we open doors for the business because she gets calls from owners who need property managers. Yes! Score!

Jan. 3
Interview with Pain Clinic

Ugh. I hate interviews. I get so nervous! I really just usually hope my resume will speak for itself...but that would defeat the whole purpose of meeting someone before you hire them.

It went really well. The manager that conducted my interview asked me why we came to Pittsburgh from Utah. I told her about the business. She was actually very interested in our property management business for her own house! I gave her my personal number in case she was interested. I left feeling good. It was a good area, more quiet than Oakland or downtown Pittsburgh, and very clean. I thought,  “I could work here."

Jan. 6
Hobby Lobby trip

Today I got a call from yet another hospital for an interview...Magee Women's Center. How on earth will I ever know which job to choose? I also got a call from the pain clinic, and they are interested in me. They set up an interview with Dr. Cortazzo, who is the head Physician.

I got a gift card to Hobby Lobby for Christmas. I have been trying to gender-neutralize the kid's bedroom. So I decided to get nuts and make my very first quilt...and second and third. I want to make all 3 of them a quilt. Hobby Lobby happens to have *adorable* fabric, so I was on a mission. After all, there is a Hobby Lobby in Pittsburgh!

Well, apparently, the time that it takes a person to get somewhere in Utah takes TWICE as long in Pittsburgh. So what should have been a 15-20 min. drive ended up being a 40 min. one. I prayed so hard that I wouldn't get lost, because once we got off of the freeway, it looked really confusing. Things are so much more cut and dry in Utah, especially when it comes to driving! Thank heavens I did not get lost. I couldn't! I had a short amount of time, and then I needed to go get Kaylee from school. I had left Ammon at home because he was napping, and Nate just worked at our house. It was a little date for me and Brenna!

This Hobby Lobby was awesome. SO quiet! I was like the only one in there! Nothing was picked over, GREAT clearance selection. The lady in the fabric department was so kind! She saw me browsing through the fabric, and kept checking on me. Once she even said, "I am just running to take a 5 minute break, but I'll be back to help you out!" People here in general are really so sincere and genuine. I love it.

After finding the perfect fabric, I checked out and dashed out of there to go home. I thought I would be in the clear for rush hour traffic because it was before 3 PM...WRONG! It was stop and go the whole way home! It took me almost an hour and a half to get home and Nate ended up having to go get Kaylee...I felt so bad. I guess next time I will need to take an entire day out just to visit that store!

Jan. 13
Jan. 11 was the first day of school  for Brenna at Woodland Hills high school with Mrs. Fair. She cried for 20 min. but warmed up after a while. She got in the car afterward and said, "I was happy today, Mom." The next day,  we got to the door and a security officer was standing there telling parents they couldn't come in. Brenna got spooked and was clinging to me for dear life. She started screaming bloody murder when I tried to leave. She came home but said she was scared today, but won't be scared tomorrow. The third day, Friday, she went without crying and had her purple blanket with her. When she got in the car, she said, "I was shy today, mom."

P.S. These are the pictures of Brenna on her first day at her new school. Our camera was dropped by some little boy and is now ruined...and we can't exactly afford to get it fixed! :( So sad. These pictures are equally sad...blurry.

 Our water has been off since yesterday because of a line break. Today was the day I had an interview with Dr. Cortazzo at the pain clinic. Thank goodness I didn’t do my workout before the water turned off... no shower...not good for a first impression for an interview! Hehe. She told me in the interview that she liked me and would hire me unless someone else ‘blew her out of the water.’ I was elated! I felt so good when I left.

Jan. 20
New hire physical

So...after much prayer and pondering, I decided to accept the position with the Pain Injection Clinic! I agreed to a tier 1 casual, meaning I am required to work 16 hours per month. However, I will be working every Wednesday from 9ish to 5ish.

I had my new hire physical today. They drew my blood and placed a TB. I know I'm a nurse, but I really hate needles. So bad. I get anxiety. I love poking people. But getting poked...different story! I took this picture of myself (to the left) right before I went in to capture the whiteness of my face, but you can't really tell in the picture. You can see how thrilled I am though.

They were very nice. People here are nice in general here. Have I said that before? I had to fast for 8 hours prior. I made a lunch to take for after my appt, but my blood sugar was so low, my brain wasn't working and I forgot it.

Right after that I went downtown to get my fingerprints done. I didn’t get done until close to 4. I was beginning to feel depressed. This job is not enough to pay the rent. The car died 6 times while I was driving it. I gave my change to a homeless man. We need blessings. I felt so much better after that. At least I had a warm home at the end of the day, and a lovely meal waiting for me!

Jan. 21
V-day mailboxes!

Kaylee took her first shower today! When we visited the Lopez family last month, the girls noticed that Veronica, who is the same age as Kaylee, takes daily showers. By herself.  So Kaylee decided to try today. (I helped her a little at the end to wash out all the soap.)

Later after cleaning the house, we made valentines day mailboxes. The ice was frozen solid on the expedition! Very snowy, very icy. Fun day to snuggle inside all day! :) Hope you enjoy these blurry photos. (Better than nothin', right?)

Nate and Kaylee tried to make a was a no-go. The snow here is too wet and heavy, doesn't pack! Oh well, Kaylee loved an afternoon in the snow with her daddy. 


Cindy said...

I love the picture of Nate and Kaylee at the end...

Cami Bringhurst said...

Hey that is what I was going to say! I love the picture of Nate and Bizzle at the end. Looks like fun!!!!