Sunday, February 27, 2011

More FEB pics!

I love this picture, because they usually sleep on the top bed. I pulled out the bottom one, and they both ended up on it. I never thought they'd love the companionship so much! SO sweet.

Sleep over in the living room!!!

Don't forget the popcorn!

Make way for Ammon!

One of Ammon's favorite things to do is dump all the DVDs off the shelf. And he's proud of it!

Brenna was trying to help clean up by stacking them against the wall. BIG helper.
{She looks like my mother soooo much in this picture!}

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Lizzie said...

So fun. I love movie nights/sleep overs in the living room. One of Abby's favorite things is to dump the dvds too. Drove me so crazy I moved them to the basement bookcase and filled the living room one with kids books... I can't get too upset having to pick those up time and time again.

Cute kids, amazing job being a mommy.