Friday, February 18, 2011

" I dink again."

These three words just make my heart go thump, thump. Like music to my ears. {Sarcasm!}

Brenna is really becoming so advanced with her vocabulary. She usually says, "Mommy, I dink again. I need you to change my diaper." Hmmm....maybe she's ready for potty training. I mean, she can change her own clothes, can follow a 2-step command, communicates really well...but the question is, is mommy ready? The answer to that question is no. I think I'm fooling myself though if I think I'm going to wake up one day and say, "Hmm, wow, my life has really just slowed right down! I'm so bored, I think I'll potty train Brenna!" I know I'm going to have to prioritize it. But not yet. I think once I can kiss the breast pump goodbye I will be ready.

Now for the journal entry: close your eyes if you don't want all the details of my week and skip to the fun part at the bottom...the pictures!

I didn't really want to write about this week, because it was a little bit of a rough one. Valentine's Day was fun, but I got a little grumpy at the end of the day...I was tired, but you know, that's an excuse. Kaylee said to me, "Mom, you were happy this morning!" I felt bad. But I was really, really, REALLY tired.

The next morning I ran. Nate had school, so I slept a little, then made a mad dash out the door to drop Ammon off with Cindy so we could go to the Treehouse Museum for Kaylee's field trip. I am SO sad that I forgot the camera, because the girls had SO much fun! Brenna was really into it. Their favorite was still the pretend food and tea party set. Brenna also enjoyed anything 'doll' like and Kaylee dressed up at each station. She was crying when it was time to go! I really need to take them there more often.

I slept at the Bringhurst's for like an hour before I had to head into work. It wasn't enough unfortunately. Then at work...well...let's just skip the details and say that it was a rough night. I was also worrying about the kids all night because I knew Cindy wasn't feeling well...I felt so bad that she had to watch them while she was sick! When I got back to their house in the morning, Ammon was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Poor Mark and Cindy! I took my nap at their house and then was a zombie the rest of the day. I HATE days like that! But Nate kept reminding me to relax and do nothing, and that it was good for me, so I was able to recover. Some day I will work during the day like a normal person. I think my family will like me better when I do!

So basically, Wednesday was a waste of a day. I know most people would tell me otherwise, but that's just how I am if you know me. I've always got to have some meaning and productivity behind everything I do. I can't stand to sit still!

BUT yesterday, Thursday, was a new day and it was a good one. I got caught up on the house and made food. It was such a simple day, no obligations, we all sat at the table for meals...I wish it could be like that always! Life is so much nicer when it is more SIMPLIFIED.

I stopped at Walmart and ran into 2 cute girls that I haven't seen in years, Chandra Read and Devyn Spencer. I love it when that happens! Living where I grew up makes it so I run into long lost friends every now and then. It just made my day!

Waking up to a clean house this morning was so very refreshing. We ran at the school and then again at the community center. The kids played with the Toy Story dolls and princesses again, ran around, and had a marvelous time. Afterward, I took the girls back to the library. We arrived again just in time for the library tour and some stories! The girls loved it. It was nice to be able to sit down and read stories with them.

So I've started reading scripture stories at night with the girls. At first they seemed so bored, I really wanted to just give up. Even though it had pictures, they didn't really understand the story I was trying to tell them. But now, every night when I say, "Girls, it's time to read a story!" the run and grab their scripture story book! I'm so pleased, I actually feel like I'm teaching them a thing or two! (It might help that they get a sticker on their chore chart for reading scriptures.)

Ammon has a new way of showing his affection. You know when you cuddle up with a baby, you automatically start cooing, "Ooooooohhhhh," especially if they cuddle back? Well when you do that to Ammon, he decides it's a yelling contest. He puts his cheek on mine and screams, "AAAaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" and he LOVES it when I start yelling with him! Haha, a little different style of cuddling than my girls.

Me and my Valentine


Kaylee on the day of her preschool Valentine's Day party!

Random dorky picture!
My cute Valentine girlies!

Ammon being mischeivous
Look at him go!
Ammon is a picky eater. He doesn't like peas, sweet potatoes, squash, or peaches. And all the other stuff he just tolerates. He does however seem to LOVE chicken!


Allison and Darin said...

You should call me when you go to the library next time! I would love for Jake to have some cousin time at the library. I love the pictures too. I can't believe how grown up BRENNA looks! I barely recognize her she looks so grown up! All of those little kiddies are just the most adorable kids in the world. I love them to death.

Cindy/Mom/Gramma said...

Sarah, I love having those kids even when I was sick. I love the picture of Kaylee and Brenna where Kaylee has her arm around Brenna. All the picts are cute of course....I love your stories and I'm glad you have a sense of humor about some's survival!

Chaleese said...

Your kids are getting so big! Brenna and Ammon look so different to me. They are so grown up! I love miss Kaylee and her beautiful smile. And of course you always look gorgeous, and I'm super jealous by the way. :)

Devyn said...

It made my day to see you too :) Loves!

Jeff and Ashley said...

Sarah... You are a wonder woman!!! I don't know how you do all the things you do!!! I feel busy just sitting at home doing the normal stuff that comes along with being a mom!!! ha ha
Your kids are adorable! I can not believe how big they are getting!!! You and Nate looked cute on Valentines day!!!