Monday, February 14, 2011

'Twas the week before Valentine's Day

On Tuesday, Allison and I went for a girls night. IT WAS THE GREATEST THING EVER. We ate at Goodwood. Don't worry, Allison could still fit in a booth (kidding Al! I love you!). We shared a platter, and licked it clean. We went to a Mary Kay consultant who gave us a free facial and foot massage. Aside from a sales pitch about products, it was heavenly. I will say, however, that ever since the facial I have had a serious 'breaking out' problem. Anyway, I love girls nights. There is FREEDOM when all you have to carry around is a purse!

On Wednesday, we ran in the morning, then the girls and I met Cathi over at the community center. The girls brought Woody, Jesse, and Buzz to play with while Cathi and I ran. Brenna played with Woody, Kaylee had Jesse, and Oliver (Cathi's boy) played with Buzz. They loved it! They played so cute together! They were entertained nearly the entire hour!

Later, I visited Jen and Mikell for visiting teaching. They are both sweethearts. It was such a nice afternoon! When I got home, I saw Donita, Aubrey, and Breann pulling out of Grandma's driveway. I snagged Breann to come and play, and needless to say, my girls were so excited! I tried making Sweetie Pie Pops for Kaylee's preschool Valentine's Day party...thinking they looked pretty easy and completely adorable, but it was a bit of a flop. They didn't look half as cute and I had to pull out the sticks because they were falling off anyway. I put them in baggies and tied a note to them. They looked pretty much like lumpy, un-frosted sugar cookies. BUT we tried them and they tasted delicious! So at least they had THAT going for them!

After Breann left, I wish I could say my luck got better. Ammon got really really fussy. I tried everything to console him! He just cried and cried. I think he must have been teething. Other drama was going on as well, so I was getting really worked up. When Nate got home, I had steam coming out my ears. I had put Ammon in the crib because I couldn't handle it anymore...and he was still crying. Nate had an assignment to turn in, so I needed to try to make him quiet. UGH I was so tired and frustrated!

We tried to go to sleep to no avail. Nate and I each got up probably 5 times each to try to console Ammon. I had to feed him at one point as well. It wouldn't have been so bad except I was planning on waking up the next morning at 4:30 for a long run! It was a rough night, to say the least.

On Thursday morning I still got up and ran with Debby, and I was glad to so I could blow off some steam. We did a total of 15 miles, 7 of them with Cathi as well. My goal for the rest of the day was to clean the bathrooms...and I'm happy to say I got ONE done. The other one is still waiting for me! Haha, well at least I tried! Kaylee had her Valentine's day party, and she looked adorable. I did her ponytail in a heart shape, and she loved it. And it was such a pretty day, very nice weather! I picked up Breanne again and she played with my girls while I tried to get caught up on some unfinished business. She is so very helpful! And the girls LOVE when she comes over.

We decided to go on a date Saturday night since I worked Friday. I was SO excited. We went to the Gateway and had sushi at our favorite sushi place-the happy sumo. Once again, they did not disappoint. For future reference, we got the 'rockstar' roll and the 'playboy' roll. I know, we were on a wild streak. Nate was a sweetheart and shopped around with me. Needless to say I was in HEAVEN! We spent the last half hour playing with ipads at the apple store. {SIGH} I seriously want one of those. Bad. Real bad. I could write 10 pages on all the reasons I would benefit from having one of those things!

Anyway, yesterday was Sunday, and it was kinda odd. We woke up late because the alarm mysteriously didn't go off. So we were late. Nate offered to stay behind to feed Ammon his solids since I missed sacrament last week. So sacrament came and went, no Nate. In Sunday school, I saved him a seat, and everyone probably thought I was being really rude, because alas, the seat was never filled. I even sat at the end of the row in Relief Society, expecting Nate to bring Ammon to me in his carrier. But he didn't!

When I finally got home, Ammon was crying. Apparently, he was crying and crying after I left, and wouldn't eat. He finally went down for a nap and slept forever. Then he ate after that. So by the time they got to church, it was the tail-end of priesthood. I felt so bad! But I was so grateful that I myself had a very pleasant day at church! Nate had also washed the dishes, organized a few cupboards. It made me smile.

We had dinner at the Bringhursts. It was all cute and Valentine's-y. Prime rib too...can't beat that!

This morning was AWESOME because my new running buddy joined us...CAMI! I love her guts for coming with me! It was great! The more the merrier I say.

For breakfast I made everyone french toast and eggs...and I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make heart shapes of both. I also made the girls' milk purple. They loved it! We also baked sugar cookies today. And we visited poor Debby who had mouth surgery! She's literally down in the mouth! And we visited Cami at work, and some neighbors...such a day full of love! <3 Just like Valentine's day should be. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but now I'm BEAT and ready for bed, and it's 7:30! Pathetic.

P.S. Ammon is officially cruising around furniture like a mad man. And needing to be rocked for naps and bedtime. And still refusing a bottle. I'm in serious trouble.

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Dee Dee said...

What a fun and hard weekend all in one! I'm glad that you had fun amid the stress! You are a great mom! It is so hard when babies are sad and cannot be consoled. I hope that he gets feeling back to himself soon! Again, you are such an inspiration with your running! I need to follow your example as soon as this little girl comes.