Saturday, February 5, 2011

These kids keep us entertained, to say the least.

Today is Kaylee's first birthday party. Last night we wrapped the gift. Then we went into the kitchen to bake some potatoes. I started showing her how to wrap them in tin foil. She said, "Are these for the birthday party tomorrow?" I said, "No, they are for dinner tonight." She said, "Well then why are you wrapping them???" She thought they were presents. So cute!

Later the girls were in the tub. Nate and I were in the bedroom next to the bathroom. It was fairly quiet, when all of a sudden we hear Kaylee shouting, "DO THE MACARENA IN THE OCEAN!!!!" Over and over! We were cracking up!

Brenna was cute, yesterday she was crying (as usual) and I said, "What's wrong?" And she started mumbling. So I started to get frustrated and became short with her. I said, "BRENNA. What's WRONG?" And through her tears she said, "I wanna watch Jesus CHRIST!!!" (Living Scriptures movie) I felt bad for getting mad at her! Then this morning, Nate went in and asked the girls to start cleaning their rooms. Brenna went over and picked up a fleece blanket and started grunting, saying, "Uuuughhhh! It's too heavy!" And she was just giggling, thinking she was making the funniest joke. Such a character.

Last night I threw Ammon into the tub with the girls. The second his feet hit the water, he got a serious face and started splashing as hard as he could. He didn't stop splashing and flailing until he got out! The girls were just giggling the whole time. As soon as he was dressed, he took off toward the bathroom and kept sneaking in. He pulled himself up to standing next to the tub with the girls still in there, and even was lifting a leg, trying to get back in! He kept putting his head down toward the water! I pulled him out of the bathroom and shut the door, and soon after that he was trying to put his head through the crack between the door and the floor!!! Brilliant kid, that one. :) He has also learned how to stand up in his crib, so every time we hear him whining, we go in and he's standing there with the biggest cheesy grin you've ever seen!

I'm pretty proud, because this week I ran a total of 42 miles, which is the most I've ever run in a week. I'm getting closer and closer to being ready for that marathon! My hip is a little irritated today though, so I may have to cut back a little next week.

By the way, anyone interested in joining the running group is more than's so much better than going alone! Just let me know.


Chaleese said...

Oh my heck Sarah!! I can't believe you are running so much!! You rock! I wish I could join your running group, but I'm afraid, I would be left in the dust..:( So your kids are so cute. Kids say the greatest things. I think we should go to dinner Tues or Wed night this week!! Let me know!! Love ya!!

Allison and Darin said...

I laughed the entire time I read that post! Your kids have the cutest little personalities in the world! I love Ammon's bath story. I can totally imagine him trying to stick his head through the crack! Haha! I love your posts.