Monday, January 31, 2011

My boy's a fighter.

On Monday night, we were reading a story from the Friend about a spider for family night. A boy was walking home but decided to take a shortcut through the tall grass. He was running, when suddenly a voice said to him, 'Stop.' He was surprised so he stopped. There before him was a big spiderweb with a huge spider in it. If he didn't stop, he would have run right into it. I asked Kaylee, "Do you know who whispered in his ear and told him to stop?" (Correct answer: the Holy Ghost) Her eyes were big and wide, and she thought for a moment, then said, "I think the SPIDER told him to stop!" It was so cute, it was hard not to giggle a little.

You know the whole 'fight or flight' thing? Well, I've always been a 'flight-er.' If there's a problem or something scary, my first instinct is to run away from the problem. Run and hide. I think that's what a lot of people do. Well, the other day Nate was vacuuming and Ammon was scooting around the floor. Ammon is one who is easily startled and gets upset. He heard the sound of the vacuum turning on and immediately became terrified. He started crying. Suddenly, we see him CHARGING as fast as he can toward the vacuum! I thought, what in the world? He got to the vacuum and just started hitting it as hard as he could! Man, he taught that vacuum a lesson.

So I've had 5 days off of work. It's been so nice. I'm back to work again tonight...I'm so sad. It's going to kill me staying up all night because all week I've been up by at least 5 AM! So wish me luck.

Here are some more pictures from January! Can't believe it's February already.

Ammon in the tub (sorry about the poor quality, the lighting is bad in our house)

This picture cracks me up. Look at his socks.

This is the sign I made for the little 'diner.'

This is the closet under the stairs. The girls LOVE it!

I love the girls in pigtails.

Kaylee taped paper and some plastic flowers to Aurora for her wedding dress. That kid is so dang creative!

Last week I went to Carissa's hair school and she colored my hair. The girls were SO fascinated by the salon...ever since they've been pretending they're hair stylists! They paid attention to all the details, even the cape!

Have I mentioned I LOVE this boy? Every morning when I get him from his crib, he has a big smile waiting for me. Sometimes if he's still a little sleepy, he'll cuddle up with me for a few minutes until he's more awake. I LOVE it.

I wanted to post this picture, because Brenna is going through the phase where she changes her clothes at least 4 times a day. Her favorite thing to wear-by far- is the silky nightgown her Grandma Cindy made for her. Here it is in all it's glory!

Ok, so the story behind this video is this. I heard some quiet weeping down the hall...I knew it was Brenna. So I went to see what the problem was. Ammon was in his crib taking a nap. When I walked into Ammon's room, there was Brenna sitting in his crib! She was crying because she thought she'd get in trouble when I found her in there! As you can see, Ammon is happy as a lark to have her in there! When Brenna discovers she's not going to get in trouble, she perks right up.


Cindy said...

I'm glad you take so many pictures to share of my beautiful grandchildren. The video is so cute and funny. Ammon just likes a party. The vacuum story is hilarious...

Kathy Nielson said...

Oh your kids are so cute! I LOVE that little diner under the stairs! I want to come play. You are such a good mommy Sarah!!