Monday, January 31, 2011

Family Night at the Fausetts and my Cooking Streak.

So Saturday morning we were able to run outside again, and we did about 15. It was such a nice day! It was a great start. However, I was a little wiped out so I got lazy and kept putting off my housework. Grandma called me in the afternoon to go out and I still didn't have my hair done! The kids weren't even dressed! But it was fine, they enjoy pajama days as much as I do. And anyway, we were having fun painting hearts to go on our Valentine's Day wreath. I've set up the new card table we got for Christmas in our bedroom so I have a place I can do my craft projects so I don't have to pack it up every night, so me and all the kids were hanging out in there for most of the day. Poor Nate usually studies in there, and he had to kindly excuse himself to go into the next room, 'cause for some reason he couldn't study with all the noise! :)

Anyway, we went to Sam's with Grandma and then she treated us to Wendy's. We probably didn't need the Wendy's after all the samples we had at Sam's!

Yesterday we ran late, which was crazy to me because I had showered the night before, and I woke up at 7, so I should have had plenty of time! And Nate was even helping me! I even had a breakfast casserole that we could just heat up, so I didn't have to make breakfast either! I must have just been slow motion. I have an obsession with being on time to things, so I started to feel really irritable knowing we were going to be late. But when we got to church, we found that they must have started a little late...either that our our clocks were fast! So we didn't even miss the announcements! Wahoo!

I went to feed Ammon near the end of sacrament, and apparently the Primary snagged Nate to help teach while I was in the 'Mother's lounge.' I went to Sunday school and didn't see him there...I thought he abandoned me!

Since it was the 5th Sunday, we had Priesthood and Relief Society combined. The bishop went over some of the Family Guidebook. It was SO refreshing to go over some of the basics that we tend to forget about in the business of life. One man pointed out that the Lord has given us the recipe for success in our families, and sometimes when we follow a recipe, it doesn't guarantee a perfect cake, but the outcome is still cake. I thought of it as a type of family checklist...a step-by-step instruction manual on an eternal family. My mind works well with an approach like that because I love love lists. The Family Guidebook to me could be called 'Family for Dummies.'

Our home teachers came shortly after church. It's brother Young and his son. They are the nicest people, and I always look forward to them coming over! Brother Young always talks to our children too, and it makes them feel so special! They always grab the Jessie and Woody dolls when he comes because he took such an interest in them when he came last month.

Later on we went to Allison and Darin's who made dinner for us...and they made a pork dish that they serve at 'Mo Bettas'. It was yummy! I was in charge of the dessert, and I made some chocolate covered brownie bites with peanut butter in them. I wanted to make something with peanut butter in it because I am allergic to nuts, and I wanted to guarantee that I wasn't going to have any! And guess what? It worked. And plus Allison loves peanut butter and chocolate, so it was perfect for her. And by the way, Allison's belly is getting so cute...I wish I had a picture to share!!!

Jakey and the girls played all night, and loved it! For a family home evening, we read the first 3 sections of the Family Guidebook. I was obviously on a big Family Guidebook kick. It was fun to tell stories about family home evening memories growing up and come up with ideas on ways to teach our young babies the gospel. (If anyone reading this has any good ideas, do share)

Poor Ammon has been teething. He's been fussy and wants to be held all the time. He's been rejecting solids and just wants to nurse all the time, including through the night. Both Nate and I have had to get up multiple times in the night to console him...and also to console Brenna because when Ammon cries, she always wakes up. Poor baby! I feel so bad! He's just a drooling machine! He's getting more and more active. Now he can pull himself so he is belly-down on small chairs...and gets stuck. So he just flails and hollers until someone comes to get him off, or he just takes a small fall. He tried to climb into one of the cubby holes on Allison's entertainment center but his head kept getting stuck. We all started laughing at him, so he pulled his head out and started smiling. When he's a little hurt, he does this 'nervous laugh.' I was getting him dressed once and his arm got stuck and he started doing his nervous laugh, and Kaylee came in from the next room and said, "Is he doing his nervous laugh? Poor bud!" Kaylee doesn't miss A THING.

I've been cooking and baking a lot this weekend, and Kaylee and Brenna have been helping me. Kaylee's really good about reminding Brenna not to lick her fingers. She'll say, "Brenna, don't lick your fingers because you don't want to get your germs on the food!" When Brenna dumps a cup of flour or sugar into the bowl, she CHUCKS it. Kaylee usually helps me for awhile, then her imagination gets going to the point where she's gotta go into her own kitchen because the real cooking is slowing her down. She makes 'Spiderman cakes' for daddy, and lion and elephant cookies for her friend, Strawberry Shortcake. Of course, Brenna always follows suit.

Speaking of cooking...I wandered over to my friend Codee's blog Readable Eatables. I am now officially addicted and inspired to start trying new things! From her blog I have tried making her cheese biscuits, chicken with lemon sauce over noodles, and snickerdoodles (which are Nate's very favorite cookie)! Check her out...she's pretty amazing. And I personally trust any recipe she recommends! I also made chocolate peanut butter covered brownie bites from Picky Palate...check that site out as well. Awesome!

Today I'm going to take the kids to the community center to play and me and Cathi will run around the gym in circles, with the kids in the middle. We'll see how long Ammon lasts!


Cindy said...

Look at you with a 7:00 a.m. post. So upbeat. We need to plan our food for the Super Bowl!

Jones Family said...

Ah you're so nice! Thanks Sarah :)