Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March came in like a LION!

Every time I start a new post, I feel like I should preface by saying, "Wow, it's been so crazy," or "life is insane right now," but I'm going to skip that part...because working part time with 3 kids under 5, that's a given. On to the actual content.

It's been busy at work. The hospital has been full. People are really sick. When I go to work, I'm busy all night. We all are. Usually working at night I have a couple shifts a month where it's really slow and calm...this is not that month. I'm drained pretty much every time I step off the unit. For people who would like details, call me. Otherwise, I'll refrain for those with weaker stomachs.

Ammon got sick. It was his first time being sick AT ALL, so we're very blessed that way! He's 9 months now, so strong enough to fight it. I called in sick to work on Wednesday night because Brenna threw up, and Ammon woke up from his nap on Tuesday with a 'croupy' cough. By Wednesday morning, Brenna was basically recovered and eating a full breakfast. Ammon however spiked a temp of 103*F. He never enjoys to be cuddled unless he's REALLY tired. For several days though, that's all he's wanted...just to be cuddled. I wish I could have enjoyed it...I just can't when he's suffering like that!

Friday I took him to the doctor. RSV. Ear infection. Antibiotics. BBG machine (snot sucker).

Saturday, Nate was sick. I had a melt down and started crying! I just felt so inadequate. Felt like I couldn't take care of anyone let alone everyone!

And what do you know, Sunday I was sick! I could barely get out of bed! Thank goodness Nate was starting to feel better so SOMEONE could take care of the kids. Our house looked like a regular BOMB.

On Monday, Grandma {bless her HEART!} brought us a bunch of food. WHAT a blessing. Also, Cindy came and took the girls. DOUBLE blessing. Heavenly Father always sends me angels when I need them!

By Tuesday, I was basically back to my normal self. No doubt many prayers got us through that week. :)

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