Sunday, March 13, 2011

Re-decorating, and Ammon's mohawk

Well, I've been re-decorating my bedroom. I thought I'd wait until we purchased our own home, but I decided life is too short, I'm doing it now! The girls have been helping me re-vamp thrift store finds. Here they are painting my old boring lamp! {Don't worry, I'll share pictures when the project is all finished. }

I had to take a picture of this...they ALWAYS put them on the wrong feet. It's adorable.

I decided Ammon was looking...well...a little stragly. So I decided the problem was that the little hair that he has was getting too long. So we decided to give him a haircut. Nate cut while I held his head. He actually didn't cry much, and as long as he was distracted, he was fine! Nate was insistent that we do a mohawk. Yuck, I hate it! It makes him look like a punk! (Actually, it kinda like a canary bird. Either way, it looks SOOOOO dorky) So here for your viewing pleasure are a million pictures of him post-haircut, crawling around our kitchen floor. :) He's cute even though his hair is NOT.

Oh, and don't for get the season-appropriate reindeer.
Front shot of the new DO.

...and the camera lid.

Ok, now we're attacking the camera!

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