Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today is March 16, and it's a beautiful day.

This week I got a FULL 7 days in a row off of work. HEAVEN! I have fully enjoyed it! I've read books with my healthy children, got in an 18 mile run {first ever!}, gone thrift shopping, made crafts, and started my long awaited project of redecorating my bedroom! The girls have helped me paint and craft all week long. We've had pajama days, song singing, and tonight we're baking cookies. I've gotten on top of cleaning the house (bathrooms, yay!), food in the fridge, and today, I even got a nap! I could seriously get used to this lifestyle! Sadly, I'm back to work tomorrow for 2 in a row. Nate has a final exam tonight and then his spring break is next week, so he'll be ready to play mister mom for a couple of days! ;)

Kaylee usually says the same prayer every night,
"Dear Heavenly Father, beautiful day, help us to go to church. Help us to be healthy, and be strong. Help us to follow Heavenly Father's plan, and follow Heavenly Father's plan too. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

So we've talked a little bit about praying for different things we need so we don't say the exact same prayer every time. Now, she says the same prayer but adds at the end, "help us to o-pent." (repent) I asked her, "Kaylee, do you know what it means to repent?" She said, "Yeah, you tell Heavenly Father you're sorry!" Such a smart girl!

Brenna usually prays at every meal and at bedtime as well. Sometimes at the same time as Kaylee. Makes it pretty entertaining. She usually tries to say it as fast as she can, and the only thing we can understand is, "AMEN!"

Ammon has 4 teeth now! He ONLY eats food that he can feed himself. I even end up dumping his oatmeal on his tray! He smushes it all around and makes a huge mess every meal. I've been trying to wean him, and he's actually done fine so far because he HATES nursing! He loves being able to hold the bottle all by himself. I nurse him just a couple of times a day now. It's so nice. Our relationship has improved because of it.

Also, he is still as active as ever! He hasn't tried taking steps, but he's really good at an actual crawl now. He's way fast. I'm telling you, I put something down for ONE SECOND, and he zips over and has his hands in it. The girls NEVER got into the toilet...but for Ammon, it happens all the time! I wonder if it has to do with the fact that the girls don't close the bathroom door, and we never had that problem before. It doesn't help that some people around here forget to close the toilet seat!!! I really have to keep the floor clean because Ammon's worse than a dog with eating crumbs.

Something really funny about the girls is that they are SO opposite in their eating habits. At nearly every meal, Brenna gobbles up her vegetables and asks for more. During the same meal, Kaylee finishes everything BUT the vegetables and asks for more. A couple of times, I've caught Kaylee trading her celery for Brenna's chicken or sandwich. Seriously, where did Brenna come from???


Matt, Erin, and Ben said...

Sarah, I love reading your blog. You are so inspiring and such a good mother and wife. Thanks for posting so often and for sharing your blog so I can read it. :)

Cindy said...

Never a dull moment with kids. Each personality is so cute and fun. I love those kids of yours...