Friday, June 17, 2011

An afternoon with Aunt Pamela.

Today the kids and I went up to aunt Pam's to spend the day. She fed us lunch and the girls played in the basement with all the toys. Ammon kept finding stairs, and as soon as I'd notice he was missing, I'd turn the corner in time to see his little legs scurrying as fast as they could to get his little body up those stairs. He'd just giggle and giggle! They have these 'wiggle' bikes, and we all rode those for a while. Also, we played 'Pooh sticks' with pinecones. The girls LOVED that game! Even Ammon got a kick out of throwing them into the water! He was so tired for a nap though, and he just couldn't get comfortable enough to fall asleep. When we were done there, I was crazy enough to take all my sleep deprived, hungry kids to Carl's and Smiths. Somehow, we all made it on some strong will and peanut butter crackers!

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