Saturday, June 18, 2011

Swimming at the Roy Aquatic Center

Today we all went to the Roy aquatic center. Allison and Darin came with their boys, and my friend Kristen and her kids came. Breanne came along as well, which the girls loved! It also put my mind at ease knowing someone was watching the girls while I watched Ammon. Brenna wanted to wear her dress in the pool but eventually settled for the life preserver suit with a tutu on it. They had a blast! Ammon LOVED the water. He would crawl around and get so excited that he'd put his face in the water and come up just choking and smiling! He did it over and over! He'd play and play until he was cold, then he'd want me to pick him up and wrap him in a towel, and snuggle him until he was dry. Then he wanted to get back in the water. He did this cycle over and over. SO cute.

The kids were so excited, can you tell?

After being there about an hour, Brenna was hungry. She demanded that I take of the life jacket suit and put on her dress, insisting she was done swimming for the day. She sat herself on a beach chair, put a towel over her legs, and ate lunch. Then she literally sat there for over an hour, refusing to get back in the water, until I said it was time to go, then she wanted to get back in! She demanded that I let her go in the water in her dress. The answer was 'absolutely NOT!' So she started screaming and wouldn't stop. It was ridiculous. The people next to us were looking at me like I was the most neglegent mother on Earth. Finally, she put her tutu suit on. I let her go in for like 10 minutes, then we left. Ammon was crying by then.

Breanne was such a big help! My kids love her SO much! And so do I of course!

But overall, I felt like the day was quite a success! Swimming with 3 kids? No sweat.

The poor kids pooped out. Adorable.

Later that night I went to Rachael Savage's wedding (one of my young women from my Ogden ward). It was so fun to see all those girls! They were so young when we all went to girls camp together. It felt like an eternity since I had seen them last! There is only one of the five girls that is not married yet! Crazy! Am I that old? I guess I am!

 Afterward we went home, got dressed, ate dinner, then went to Allison's to hang out. We did the 'insanity' workout video. Nate got home, so we went to greet him. He got back just in time for Father's Day!

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