Thursday, July 14, 2011

Illness in the middle of summer is way lame.

The day after we got back from our vacation, Ammon did the throwing up thing again. All over me and my Activity Days bag. Weird. Nate and I both really thought it was the elevation sickness thing again. But the next day, he was burning up with a fever, and had diarrhea. Of course, I happened to be at work. I cuddled with him all day Friday. Then I had to work Saturday, July 9th. Again, he was fevering! I felt terrible.

I got up Sunday after sleeping all day, and when I got in the shower, my stomach felt weird. I decided to wait, wait, wait. Just a few more minutes. Maybe I'll feel better. Ugh! When I finally called in, it was almost 3 PM, and I knew they were short staffed. I felt so guilty! But why did I feel guilty? I was actually sick! Not faking it! About an hour after I called my work, I burned up with the WORST fever ever! I had the aches and chills and everything. Absolutely miserable. I never threw up, but I felt very nauseous and zero appetite. I literally laid in bed all night. The next day, I laid in bed until late afternoon. Then I took some tylenol, got up and started cleaning and painting furniture (I wanted the dresser in the girls' room to be white). I was feeling pretty good! The next morning my BFF Kami, Sophie, and cute little baby Reese came for a visit. Kami had a hair appointment, so Sophie stayed and played with my girls, which they loved!

Later that evening, I started to feel achy again, so I laid down for a nap. When I woke up, I was burning up again!! I could not believe it! I was supposed to be up early the next morning for Activity Days 'Day Camp.' I called Christy Sparrow to tell her at 8 PM that I wouldn't be there...I felt SO guilty! I felt like the biggest flake! Seriously, how could I still be sick?

The next day I was still a dead beat. I laid on the couch and turned on movies for the kids. I called Allison to vent, and she became so concerned she immediately came to my rescue! She brought me a huge sprite and took my girls for a sleepover. It was a blessing from heaven! Ammon and I took such a good nap!

The next day I was supposed to work, and what do you know, I got better just in time. Allison was sweet enought to keep the girls ANOTHER night! Oh my heck, they had a ball! They jumped on the tramp, watched movies, ate popcorn and treats, played with uncle Darin, and pretty much had the time of their lives! I loved that Allison did that for me. She's exactly the kind of sister every woman needs. She is ALWAYS there when I need her. ALWAYS.

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