Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mom and Heather's birthday!

I think July 16th, Saturday, was the day Nate took the girls to the movies. They ate mike n' ikes and popcorn. They LOVE their 'daddy' dates! Later that evening, Cami took the girls to a fundraiser fair for her work. They played their hearts out and got their faces painted.

On the 17th, it was the Weber State fireworks. Mark, Cindy, and Lois took the girls up and had a great time.

Notice all the fun my children are having while I stay home! Haha! It seriously took me that long to clean my house after my week long illness!

Mom, Stacie, and Heather came to visit the next day! We had a pizza BBQ at my house that night and had a bit of a birthday celebration for Mom and Heather. It was so nice to have all of us girls there, just relaxing, eating, and chatting away. Nate kept asking when Darin was coming! Hehe. He did come and the world was complete. :) Everyone stayed at my house that night.

I had to work Tuesday night, and Nate had school, so we all went over to Allison's to hang out before I had to go to work. They were planning on going to Sizzler that night to suprise Carissa, and Mom said she wouldn't mind taking the zoo with her (my children). Right when we got to Allison's, Ammon started fussing. He was arching his back and inconsolable. I tried EVERYTHING! Feeding him, changing his diaper, flexing his legs to get out a gas bubble, rocking him, singing to him, a bottle, you name it. He wouldn't stop screaming! Allison suggested taking his shoes off so he would be more comfortable. Shortly after that, he was happy and ready to eat! I figured it must have been a gas bubble?

Later, however, they put Allison's theory to the test: that Ammon was actually upset that entire hour because he wanted his shoes off. They put his shoes back on before going to Sizzler and sure enough, he started flailing, arching, and screaming!! I don't know if they hurt him or what...but I thought that was SO crazy!

Anyway, the next day we met at Donita's for lunch. All the aunts and a bunch of our cousins were there. It was such a nice afternoon! Kaylee and Brenna were out in the sand pile pretty much the entire time. We ended up running up to the mall to catch a sale going on at Down East Basics where 4 of us ended up buying the same shirt! Oh well, it was so cute it was worth it! Nate stayed behind with the kids. He was able to rock Ammon to sleep by the time I got back. Mom of course bought my girls a whole bunch of darling clothes there as well! Mom's just like that!

Later that night we came back to my house to hang out. We talked, and talked, and ate, and talked. I couldn't get enough of it. I miss my Mom and sisters so very much when they're gone! I was soaking up every minute! Mom and Stac stayed and Allison's and Heather stayed at my house. We were up till like 1 AM talking about school, friends, dating, everything. She's getting to be so grown up! I love getting to know her better!

I was sad the next morning when they left. But really, I enjoyed every last minute of their stay!

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