Friday, July 22, 2011

Girl's night at Blenda's!

On Friday, July 22, we went up to Aunt Blenda's for a girls night. Lots of food, lots of talking. Me and the girls, Allison, Ang, Donita, Brooklyn, Aubrey, Breanne, and Pam all came.

I was able to talk with Kirk a little bit about franchise stuff. He advised me on good places to move. He mentioned Tenessee as being an opportunity to purchase a franchise that is already somewhat established. It was very intriguing. I am dying to know where we will be living in the next few months!
Any way, we meant to watch a movie, but we ended up telling stories of our engagements (those of us that are married.)

Later that night, the girls and I went up into the loft since we decided to sleepover. The girls were so excited to be sharing a bed with mommy! I snuggled with both of them and told them stories. They fell asleep so fast!

I had to work the next night, so we didn't stick around for very long on Saturday. I love visiting with Aunt Blenda. She is such a kind-hearted lady that is genuinly concerned about everyone! I love her!

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