Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kindergarten openhouse and the CLASSIC.

On July 26th, Tuesday, it was 'back to school' for Kindergarteners and their parents. This was the first time I got to meet Mrs. Jordan. She seems way fun and organized! She has long dark hair and seems to be about 40s age wise. I left feeling Kaylee would be safe coming to her class.

Mrs. Jordan seemed like the type to be pretty firm as well, which is good. I know she cares about every child and his/her education. Going to the meeting brought back all the feelings I used to have back when I started school. Excitement, nervousness, anxiety. All of a sudden I have daily homework again. And you know what else I realized? This is JUST the beginning of another couple of decades of homework. Um, yay?

Today  was our staff meeting. I went a little early, because I decided I was going to sign up for the Classic Race-the 10k. I've been running like twice a week is all, but I do enough cardio with my other workouts, I think I will be fine. Sometimes I run after work if Kristen King or Kristen Maxfield is at work. Even Braden joined us once. I'm really excited, this will be my first non-muddy race, and I'm glad I get to do it with my co-workers!

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