Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Preschool for Brenna...and Jakey's birthday!!!

I tried picking up an extra shift Friday. I drove up to the hospital, only to find out they had miscounted. I was sent home. I didn't complain! I had already picked up an extra half shift earlier that week! I think I got paid 2 hours just for the trouble.

I wish I could say I went home and became very productive...cleaning the house, doing chores, etc. But I didn't. I didn't even cook dinner. I let Nate cook a frozen pizza (well, it ended up being 2 because the first one got burnt to a crisp.) Then I just hung out with Nate watching movies and such.

The next morning, Saturday, I had every intention of getting up early to exercise, but sleeping in felt too wonderful. In the afternoon, we went over to Allison and Darin's for Jakey's birthday party! Dad is back from Japan, so he was there. Angela and Carissa came too! It was REALLY hot that day. Everyone became rather sluggish. We had cake for dinner. All the kids were jumping on the tramp. Even Ammon got in on the action and was just giggling away! We finally left after Brenna wet her pants and Ammon was crying because he was hungry but too cool for the food we tried to feed him. Ugh.

Birthday Boy!!!

Ammon with his weapon. He's always gotta have one.

It's so crazy that between me and Allison there are 5 kids!!! That's a lot!

I did end up doing Insanity...mostly from the guilt of binging on 'better-than-anything' cake. It was a good idea. It kicked my trash. Afterward, more movie watching with Nate.

On Sunday, Nate and I took turns again with Ammon. I took him home during Sunday school, and Nate went home during priesthood/relief society. I was the music leader in relief society. The lesson was wonderful, given by sister Van Orden, talking about giving service, doing missionary work, essentially, the Lord's work. Our entire sacrament was about missionary work, and we got to hear from our stake sister missionaries. I was inspired to reach out more to others! STARTING with visiting teaching. UGH I am so terrible sometimes! How does the month fly by that fast?

We went to the Bringhursts after church. They made a meal consisting mostly of fresh veggies from the garden. There's NOTHING like it! I love this time of year for that reason! Oh how I will miss fresh tomatoes from the garden.

I worked Monday...it was possibly the most boring shift of the year, work wise anyway! Me and Brandy Shepherd chatted the night away! That girl is hilarious! SO fun. I love shifts like that.

Tonight was Brenna's back-to-school night for preschool. We got there a little early and I got to see Ashley Streeper and Erin Ross! Their boys are in the morning class! They were eating popcycles and Brenna was begging for one. Once the meeting started for her class, I had to keep reminding her to sit on the carpet by the other kids. "Mom, can I play with that toy? Can I have a treat now?" That girl would not sit down and stop talking! Once Trudi started, she asked each child to say his/her name and favorite color. All the other children were way shy. When it was Brenna's turn, she said, "My name is Brenna, and my favorite color is pink. And my daddy's at home. And that's my brother Ammon. And that's my mommy right there." Trudi looked at me in shock and said, "Oh my gosh! I'm sorry, I'm just suprised because it took me 2 years to get Kaylee to say one word to me! They are way different, aren't they?" It made me laugh! Brenna will definitely bring a different experience compared to Kaylee. They are so different in their own cute ways!

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