Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yesterday was SO fun. First of all, in the morning, Shannon (Burgess) came over to do insanity with me. I ALWAYS appreciate the company! I went up to the hospital afterward for a HC meeting, which ended up cancelled...yeah, I guess I didn't get the memo. Oh well.

I got home, got me and the kids ready, and Kaylee off to school. When she got back, we took the kids over to the Bringhursts so Nate and I could redeem his Father's day gift card (from me) to Flowrider! (Surfing lessons) I admit, I was a little apprehensive and nervous. I just couldn't see myself getting up on a surfboard. But it happened! It was a miracle! They had a body board and surf board. For the surfboard, they have a lifeguard with a rope you hold on to until you are able to stay up on your own. Nate was AWESOME. He got to where he was even entering the wave from the top, which is way more difficult! Suprisingly, the wipeout on the body board hurt way worse than the surf board wipeout! There were only the 2 of us and one other *nice* guy on the one side, so we got to take lots of turns. That means LOTS of wipeouts! Everytime Nate landed, it was somewhere different; his stomach, foot, arm, back. For me, it was my bum every. single. time. The first time I landed was the worst. Like, I think I broke my tailbone. I'm serious. Near the end of the hour, I was trying with all my might to stay up on the board just because it hurt so much to land! The real pain didn't come until the next morning. My body must have really taken a hit because I slept till noon! (It's ok, I had to work tonight, so it's a good thing.) I can barely walk because my backside hurts so much! And I have some whip-lash in my neck, and my arms and legs feel sore. I feel like such a wimp!

Tonight at work has been busy, and I've been SO grumpy because I hurt! At least moving around seems to have loosened things up a bit. I'm going to attempt to go running when my shift is over because the Classic race is in a little over a week!

On our way there!


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Mom B said...

That was very entertaining. You guys did good.