Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Favorite playmates.

We have LOVED having the Johnson's as neighbors upstairs! From the very first day they came, our kids have been the best of friends, especially Jayce and Kaylee. Alisha took a bunch of CUTE pictures of them, so I hope she doesn't mind me sharing them!

I love these ones of Kaylee playing.

I think they watch a movie together daily!

There was a snake in the backyard, and as you can see, Jayce has no fear!

I LOVE these little cuties!!!

Lots of pretend...I think they are cowboys here?

Ammon also loves to sneak upstairs when mommy's not looking. He and Halli actually get along really well! They are almost the exact same age.

SO sweet!

These next ones are SO adorable!

My little poser! :)

Kaylee was actually terrified of riding her bike until she saw Jayce ride his. Then she found the courage to try again. Good job Kay-biz! Thanks Jayce!

No wonder my kids always try to sneak upstairs!!!

One of the days, the kids were all in 'cleaning' mode! So hilarious! Where do they come up with these ideas?

I worked one of the days of conference. Kaylee went upstairs and played conference bingo. Alisha is seriously amazing.
We love you Johnson's! We couldn't ask for better neighbors!

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