Friday, October 14, 2011

Mid October

On October 6th, it was Shannon and Tyler's engagement party. It was BEAUTIFUL! Nate was busy working on stuff for the franchise, and I worked the night before, so he had to catch up...and I went with the kids. It was WAY fun seeing all the guys from highschool...I haven't seen them litterally since graduation day! But I couldn't visit as much as I wanted to because I was chasing 3 kids in a fancy place in my high heels and a pencil skirt. But Shannon of course looked perfect. I was so glad I got to go! They are such a perfect couple!

As Nate was working on all his stuff, he realized he needed a physical address in order to proceed with...whatever. On Saturday, the 9th, he was booking his flight! I begged him to go AFTER our family pictures that Shannon had offered to do that evening, and being the good husband he was, got a flight for the next morning at 1 AM!

So we did our pictures. They went PERFECTLY! Shannon is amazingly talented and relaxed. The kids even cooperated because they are starting to feel comfortable around her. Nate was dreading pictures because he's used to a very stressful situation, but after we were finished even said, "Wow, that was quick! Best photo session I've ever had."

We went to dinner with Shannon and Tyler afterward at the Brick Oven. It was so fun getting to know them! Ammon was going a little nuts chucking food and silverware, but the girls were angels, so I don't think we scared Tyler and Shannon too much with our walking circus. Hehe. Also, I love the Brick Oven. Will they have one in Pittsburgh? I don't know. One more thing to add to the list of things I will miss about Utah. :( Along with our new friends Tyler and Shannon! :( :(

So we got the kids to bed afterward and I drove Nate to the airport in the middle of the night. Poor guy. I knew he wouldn't sleep. He's never been able to sleep on the plane. Come to find out, he didn't sleep at all.

On Sunday, I was brave and went to church alone with the kids. We were actually on time! It was a miracle! I was feeling like superwoman. Ammon was terrible in sacrament so I didn't hear much of what was being said, but he was perfect in gospel doctrine {as he reverently munched on ginger snaps...don't judge me}.  I love Brother Allen's lessons. I'm going to miss them.

On the 10th, it was Nate's birthday, and he was still in Pittsburgh, alone. I did have a late night conversation with him on skype though and we tried to celebrate a little bit. Ammon got a huge smile seeing him on skype and tried to kiss the screen...SO cute. He pretty much spent the whole day driving around looking for an apartment and an office. He treated himself to ribs at least for dinner! He said he did get a lot of love from texts and facebook messages. So thanks everyone for making him feel special through technology. :)

He finally came home on Wednesday. I was supposed to work, but Nate's flight got in at midnight, so I called in sick so I could pick him up. Plus I have like 2 weeks worth of PTO that will never be used up. It was nice to be able to clean the house really well and make a decent dinner for his homecoming. It was so nice to have him back.

When he came back, he had pretty much narrowed it down to 3 homes he thought would be nice to rent. One property, he hadn't anticipated looking into, but he saw a sign and pulled up. Right then, the owner pulled up and showed him around. It's an old house built in like the 1940s, but the inside is brand new. In Pittsburgh, it's pretty rare to have any kind of backyard or driveway, and this one has both! We decided this is the one for us! It's wonderful to see pictures of where we'll be makes it feel like it's really going to happen!

 Today I took the kids to a pumpkin maze with Brandy and Max. Max and Ammon both picked up sticks and were wacking the ground. Then Ammon looked down and saw the corn cobs and decided it was dinner time and tried eating them! They also had some big slides there. Brenna didn't hesitate to go down by herself! Kaylee on the other hand was in tears because she was so scared. I went up there and put my arm around her and went down with her. After that, she was going all by herself and so proud. I took Ammon down a couple of times and he loved it.

Max and his stick. Cute boy!

Searching the corn for CANDY!!!

  Afterward, we went to get 25 cent ice cream cones. Ammon thought he was cool in Max's sponge bob hat!
I am going to miss Brandy and Max.

 When we got home I finished making Kaylee's Toy Story rice krispie cake and spent like 3 hours (not really) cleaning our messy kitchen. It usually is like that after I work. I also decorated with some balloons and crepe paper. Kids go nuts over that kind of stuff.

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