Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kaylee's Birthday

Today was Kaylee's birthday! I made her french toast and served it to her in bed. She had such a big smile. She is such a doll.

 I let her open one present in the morning...her Jessie costume. She wore it all day long! Even when we went to the Kangaroo zoo in the afternoon!

Jodie and Taylor came with us to the Kangaroo Zoo. It was so fun! The kids literally jumped like Kangaroos all over the bouncy toys for 2 hours straight! I even got a workout chasing Ammon around! There was one really big slide there, and once again, Brenna had no fear going by herself.

Jodie went down with Kaylee once and then she was good to go by herself. Silly girl!

By the end of the 2 hours, Brenna and Ammon were spent. They were both in tears. All 3 children fell asleep in the car on the way back.

Angela came over and showered all the kids with gifts as always. Barbie dolls, a 'slink' toy, paperdolls, figurines, books, etc, all from her! Mom got Kaylee the 'Bullseye' horse toy from Toy Story, which is the one toy she asked for. Carissa, Allison and Darin, the Johnson's from upstairs, Grandma Lois, and the Bringhursts all came too. And of course more gifts! And treats!

Here's the Toy Story-Cowgirl rice krispie cake I made!

  And by the time everyone left I was absolutely exhausted but I still had my talk to work on since we were speaking the next day!

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Nobody told us you were speaking. Was that on purpose?