Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Houser get-together

I'm so glad we got to see our dear dear friends, the Houser Family, one more time before we left. I'm so bummed because they just moved closer to us! We lived one floor above them in the apartments we lived in in Ogden (across from the temple). We met them when our Kaylee was just a baby. We have watched their family grow from when they were newly weds. We have SOOOO many memories! They were at Kaylee's first birthday party. They came to the hospital when Brenna AND Ammon were born. They are always always there for us! I think Nate loves Roger more than he loves me. That's ok because me and Kaylee can vent to each other and provide enough emotional support without them! We have enjoyed our many many many get-togethers...outdoor BBQs, pumpkin walks, movie nights, football games, parades, play dates, telephone calls, game nights, dinner dates, birthday parties...and the list goes on and on!!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! (P.S. I stole some of these pictures from Kaylee's blog...she had some really good ones!)

Nate and Roger's BFF photo shoot. HAHAHAHA!!!

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Cami Bringhurst said...

those bff pictures are just so precious!