Monday, October 31, 2011


For Halloween, we decided to go to the parade at McKay Dee Hospital. We met Andrea and Ava their. The first of MUCH Halloween candy obtained by my children!

And look, I even dressed up with them!

Afterward we went with Andrea and Ava to Chick-Fil-A. I must say, Ava is an absolute DOLL!!!
Look at how adorable she is! She talks so well for a little peewee!!!

 Before going to the big Halloween bash at the Bringhursts, we stopped by and visited Shannon and Tyler. She has been a busy bee decorating!

We were both witches. I know, her costume was way cuter! I seriously love this girl!!!

Picture taken by Kaylee!

Nate without the helmet!  

 And then it was on to the PARTY! Cindy made dinner in a pumpkin, spooky cider, and a bunch of other fun treats and snacks!

I have to say, I think Cami's costume was my favorite!


Everyone that dressed up got to be in the picture. We're a crazy bunch aren't we!!!

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