Saturday, October 29, 2011

Visit from the Nevadians!

My Mom and sisters decided to come up and visit one last time before we move. As always, it didn't last long enough!


Me and my beautiful Mother.
Me and my Dad!

We all went to lunch at Olive Garden...but before we could order, we got a call saying Carissa was in a car accident! 

It was such a blessing that my mom was able to rush up to the hospital. Carissa has Von Willebrand disease which causes her to bleed easily. My mom happened to have the 'antidote' medication with her! She gave it to her when she arrived. Carissa spent a few days passed out on my couch. Poor thing!

Later we went to the pumpkin walk for the trunk or treat!

Then to the corn maze! (Without Nate and the kids...they were too scared.)
I think I will see these beautiful girls even LESS often now that we are moving. I am going to miss them so much!!!

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