Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last days on IMC

 I started taking my camera to work my last few shifts. I am soooooo going to miss my amazing co-workers! Ugh, I am heart broken. I'm glad I have these pictures for nostalgia.
Love ya, Nat!

Love ya, Shelby!

Love ya, Katie

Kristen...I love her.

THE Tilaro

Me and Little Sarah

Dav Van 'Lova'

What am I going to do without my Ashley???

Me and Theresa doing what we're good at...pretending to work!!!

I love you Lance!!!


My kicks, Jodie's kicks
Love ya Jod

I shall miss this desk

I shall miss this dark hallway to 3228

Yes, we are sad, very sad.

Yep, it's like 2:30 in the morning!
We are so cute

My very last time clocking out. :( :( :(

Now off to the gym for one last workout together! :(

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Tyler and Erin said...

Looking at some of those pics totally brought back memories. Good times there! Good times.