Saturday, November 12, 2011

Long long long road trip!

So...while I was working, the rest of my family was driving across the country. I'm so thankful that Mark, Cindy, Cami, and Ryan were willing to help Nate get there with all our stuff. THANKS guys.

I am pretty sure the girls didn't have time to get board. How could they? Cami was there!

Along the way, Cami got pulled over once and Mark twice. The second time was the only time a ticket was issued...and it was because our car registration was overdue! Yucky to get a ticket, but I say they got pretty lucky!

They stopped at Winter Quarters and visited the temple. Pretty cool.

They arrived to Pittsburgh safe and sound! I even missed the moving-in of all the stuff! A bunch of our neighbors just came out without prompting. Lots of help from the ward. We are so thankful.

{Sigh} The girls are going to miss Cami so much. :(

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