Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last days with Jayce

One of the things that I will miss SO so so so so much is living in the same house as the Johnson's. Kaylee and Jayce have become inseparable. They have been together almost every single day. They play, they fight, they hug, they share, they giggle...they are a playmate match from heaven. To take that away from Kaylee leaves me absolutely heart broken!

P.S. I stole these pictures from Alisha! Hope she doesn't mind. ;)

I also have to mention that I have been SO impressed with Alisha. She is such a kind, caring, compassionate person who is constantly offering to help me out! She cooks(not just your ordinary cook...she grinds her own wheat AND bakes ALL of their bread!), keeps her house so clean, and is such a good mom to her children. She and Brian live the gospel. PERIOD. They teach it to their children. Now when I am doing virtually anything, I ask myself, "Is this how Alisha would do this?"

In the days right before the move, Alisha was downstairs with me, right by my side, packing, moving boxes, deep cleaning, vacuuming, watching children, making us food, and just plain taking care of us. Right before we moved, she and Brian gave us their GPS, which was one of our biggest life-savers! We owe so much to them. I know they will be so very blessed for the examples they set for us and the kindness and service they gave. We love you Johnson family!!!!

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