Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Dinner at the Bitters!

The Sunday before we left, the Bitters were kind enough to have a dinner for us! Everyone was there! My Dad, Allison/Darin family, Alisha/family, Ryan and Lynnae, Aubrey and Landon, and of course all the Bitters! They have had us over so many times...lots and lots of memories there! My favorite things to do there are EAT (best food in the world!), discuss life, discuss gospel principles, discuss anything! This night was just a lot of eating, chatting, reminiscing. I loved every minute! 

{P.S. I stole from of these shots from Alisha. She took better ones than my stupid camera!}

We have loved having Breanne watch our kids...we are sure going to miss her!

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