Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brenna's independence

Brenna is so grown up. Everything she does, she can do 'by herself!' This includes changing Ammon's diaper, washing dishes, cracking eggs, etc. Here is a picture of her making herself a peanut butter sandwich!

Such a big girl!

Ammon boy continues to be a sicky. Poor kid! SO grumpy.
Fever eyes. :(

As mentioned before, Brenna wants to do everything herself. Well, she wanted to make her hair longer, so she cut it...???

The scene of the crime:

She's sorry. :(
Not to worry. Although she took off a big chunk on the side and right on top, I trimmed the rest to make it blend in. Rapunzel hair again!

Later that night...another Christmas movie! And this time with hot chocolate with gingerbread man marshmallows in it! YUM! {Notice the backwards nightgown on Brenna. So cute!}

Why are they so flippin' cute when they're sleeping?


Lizzie said...

I thought her hair looked shorter. Got to love those 'by herself' moments. I love all of the cute memories you are creating for your girls. What a wonderful mommy you are!

Cindy said...

You are a wonderful mommy! I've never seen the gingerbread marshmellows. How fun!