Monday, December 5, 2011

Decorating the tree.

I guess it's not a huge surprise that Ammon is now sick. High fever, nasal congestion, etc. I wanted to do something fun for FHE but by the end of the day taking care of Ammon, I was spent.

But THEN we heard a honk outside! I looked out the window, and it was a UPS truck! They had delivered our Christmas ornaments! (along with some cute surprises from Alisha and Cindy, including a gingerbread house kit) I was SO excited. I had left them in Utah and was pretty bummed about it. Alisha was sweet enough to box them up for us and Cindy was kind enough to send them. What a treat!

So for FHE we decorated the tree while listening to Christmas music!

Brenna the princess! She did this pose WITHOUT prompting. :)

Ta-da! The finished product!

Poor sick baby. Look at how tired his eyes are!

Our tree fits right in. Makes it feel even more like home. :) What a fun night!

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Cindy/Mom/Gramma said...

I loved that! They were so cute!