Sunday, December 4, 2011

Still sick.

The rest of this week I continued to be sick. It was wonderful though, because we did LOTS of fun stuff together! For instance...

We built a fort!
Under the bed!

An idea I got off of Pinterest was to put some of those glow sticks in the tub and have a bath in the dark. The kids LOVED it. (But Brenna requested I stay in there while the lights were out.)

...and lots of SNUGGLE time! 

...and movie night with daddy!

Kaylee was by herself...well of course she had Ellie.
One of the days that I was sick, our new neighbor, Lisa Westover, picked up Kaylee from school and brought us a big pot of beef stew. It was perfect. The kids were sick of PB&J.

Oh, and Kaylee has learned how to cross her eyes. SO clever!

And now for some random pictures...first a picture of Ammon after falling over backwards into this basket. It was pretty funny. He didn't think so.

This is Brenna venturing out and trying the toy room.

We've also started doing a little bit of school at home. This is Brenna after tracing the letter 'S.'

       Today I fasted for decision making. Should I pursue a job? If so, which one? Should Nate take a job?
      After church, I was just having a lot of inner turmoil. I prayed in the kitchen for financial well being of family, and to end my fast. An overwhelming out-pouring of the spirit moved me to tears! The very comforting words came to mind that Heavenly Father would take care of me.


Cami Bringhurst said...

Cute, Cute, CUTE!!! The fort and the lights looked like TONS of fun. I saw Kaylee reading Scaredy Squirrel there. I really love the ones of them snuggling with Nate very precious....

Cindy/Mom/Gramma said...

Great pics Sarah. Thanks for posting them. I think they love their new home that you have made so cozy! Looks like Nate needed a movie night too!