Sunday, February 12, 2012

Frick Art Museum

Feb. 11
Museum day

Today I got up and did my exercise. Yay me. I made everyone pancakes (with celery and yams). After scripture study, the girls cleaned their rooms while I cleaned the floors and kitchen. Once everyone had their chores done, we got ready and headed out into the snow storm for the Frick Art Museum.

They were having a free event for families all day. When we got there, we went right in to a puppet show. Then free cookies, crafts, movies, and an African dance performance and story. The kids LOVED it, but Ammon was so tired. They lasted a total of about 3 hours, which was pretty impressive. It helped that I had PB&J stashed in my purse.

Nate had a church bball game and a leadership training today, so he was gone when we got home. More cleaning, got the kids bathed. They were so thrilled with how clean their room was. Their beds were even made!

Brenna said to me when she was asking for an apple, “Mom, I don’t want a half of an apple, I want a whole of an apple.” She also asked me later, “How do geese whistle?”

Later that evening I made catfish...first time! Yum.  We got the kids to bed and watched Dick Van Dyke in bed. Good, good day. I love having the house ready for Sunday. 

Feb. 12
Nate’s choir practice

Today was wonderful. Nate and I got up at 6AM as usual on Sundays. He has bishopric meeting at 7AM and I have 4 people to get dressed, fed, and out the door. We arrived early, in fact, we were the first ones there.

Ammon’s new favorite thing during sacrament meeting is climbing under the benches in order to escape. During the sacrament today, he made his way back 2 rows to flirt with the Westover girls.

The theme for the meeting was prayer. It was exactly what I needed to hear. One of the messages shared by Becca Cooper was that sometimes the Lord does not answer our prayer right you can hear crickets. There is nothing. No response from the Lord. But we take action in faith. The Lord wants us to make decisions for ourselves, and he will confirm that we did make the right choice later...or warn us if it is the wrong choice.

In Relief Society, we discussed Joseph Smith’s testimony from Teachings of George A. Smith.

Nate came to choir practice for the very first time! Sister Sarah Nowland is the chorister {amazing}. I have been attending choir for a few weeks now, and I really enjoy it! Our ward has a very talented choir. It is unlike any other ward I have been in!

On the way home from church, I asked the girls what they had learned from their classes. Brenna said, “Jesus!” Kaylee said, “Hey! Me too!” Kaylee had learned about baby Jesus, but couldn’t remember anything pass that. Also, she had a puppet of the apostle Paul...?

A new tradition that I have incorporated in our home (got the idea from the parenting class that I was able to attend once taught by Sis. Janet Stoddard) that if the children behave well (age appropriately) we would have ice cream after church! Today we had vanilla with caramel syrup and a cherry on top. I love the squeals and giggles!

While eating her ice cream, Brenna burst out, “Hey! I remember what I learned! Turn to the right!” (Choose the right) I said, “Good job Brenna! How can we choose the right?” She said, “On your phone, it tells you to turn right in the car!” (Like a GPS)

Ammon entertained us by trying to ride the barbie horse. He sat on it and said, “Ya-Ha!” (yee-haw) Then he pointed to it and said, “Moo. Moo.”

I am a little apprehensive about the rest of this week. I will be attempting to work every day. Nate is leaving for Arizona for a conference on Tuesday, and Cindy is arriving the same day to stay for a week. I am glad she will be here to help! I have a HUGE pile of laundry to do and I’m just not sure when I will be able to get to it...BEFORE Nate leaves on Tuesday! Ugh.

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