Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Jan. 30

The first day of orientation was so boring. Don't be late, parking fees, wear your personal protective equipment, get your FBI clearance, blah blah blah blah! And to finish it all off...insurance! Everything was SO fancy. UPMC is basically the IHC of Pittsburgh.The biggest tower in the city is nick-named the 'Steel' tower, with a big, fat, UPMC across the top. The only company on the east coast that is bigger is Walmart.

I sat by a girl named Alyssa. She was very nice. Another woman at our table just graduated from nursing school and was starting in the ICU. She was in her 40s and never had kids...said she never wanted them. I just can never understand that...but I suppose it's better not to have them if you really don't want them.

Jan. 31
More boring

The second day of orientation was at UPMC Mercy. Mercy used to be on the South Side. It was a Catholic hospital that recently merged with UPMC on the condition that they keep their Christian standards. They want the employees to think of their jobs as a 'ministry' rather than a career. They also do NOT cover contraception on their health insurance plan. Interesting.

After the day long meeting, I met with my manager who informed me that for clinical orientation I need to be there 5 days a week for 3 weeks. What the heck? I about had a heart attack! Thanks for the short notice, geez! I eventually told my manager it was not going to work and she agreed to me coming just 3 days a week.

Nate was leaving on Valentines Day for a conference in AZ, and thankfully, Cindy booked a flight to come in that same night to help me out! Heavenly Father was clearly watching out for us. Otherwise I have NO idea what we would have done. I would have had to quit or something!

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