Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another day in the life...

Yesterday was Wednesday. It’s the day all 5 of us are gone all day long. Nate and I both work, Kaylee goes to school and then the Westovers’ afterward, and Kaylee and Ammon go to a babysitter. I pack all 5 of us easy task! 

At work, it was my first day alone in the procedure room. It was really easy because we only had 2 stinkin’ patients. Oh well. I got my experience. The more I work this job, the more I realize I don’t want to work so closely with the physician for the rest of my life...I feel like a glorified servant. Bleh. It was really interesting to observe the epidural steriod injections, though. 

Our normal routine for bedtime is: PJs, brush teeth, read 2 or 3 stories, read a scripture story, prayers, and a song. I leave the closet light on and allow the girls to read some more, which isn’t very long. I usually leave Ammon crying because he wants to read more books! We would read every book we own every night if he had his way. I have to go in afterward and cover them all up because they don’t stay under the covers. Especially since our heater hasn’t been working for the past 2 or 3 days, and it’s freezing at night!

I gave myself an hour to work on Ammon’s quilt. I’m SO close. I just have to bind 2 sides and a couple final details. I hope to have his and Brenna’s done for their birthdays in June!

Today after I got Kaylee to school, I took Ammon and Brenna to Sarah Gardiner’s home for preschool. I was the helper teacher. It was wonderful! BUT exhausting. However, we persevered and ran to a couple of stores before picking up Kaylee. One of which was Trader Joe’s (requested by Brenna) where I always let them pick some fruit jerky, and they get stickers. This time they got scratch-and-sniff in the scents of bananas, chocolate, and stinky cheese. I watched Brenna in my rearview mirror as she smelled each sticker. After smelling the cheesy one, she crinkled her nose and put it on Ammon. She said, “Ammon, you can have the stinky cheese.” Ammon smiled.

Right now the girls are washing the dishes. I fill up one side of the sink with soapy water and let them go to town. They love it! As far as the rest of the night, I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry to fold, and I hope to finish Ammon’s quilt.

Other stuff from this week:

Yay for a super exciting milestone for Brenna this week...she made her bed! Kaylee has been trying to make a habit of making her bed every morning before school, and it rubbed off onto Brenna. Here she is after making her bed for the first time!

One of our neighbors, Sarah Gardiner, hosts a preschool in her home. Brenna has been going to it! They made a bird feeder one day...

We hung it on the tree...

 ...and the next day it was gone. Probably a groundhog, or rabbit, or deer, or squirrel, or chipmunk, or bird...we see at least one of these animals almost daily!

After putting the kids to bed, I came in to the bathroom to find this! They are so clever.

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