Monday, April 23, 2012

Rainy day=sewing day

Yesterday, I asked Katherine Pentz to come watch Brenna and Ammon while I go to the dentist. When I arrived, they canceled me because of computer issues and the hygenist called in sick. I went to the store instead. Katherine hadn’t been feeling well, and it was rainy. We decided it was a good sewing day! I went to Sam’s while Katherine went to grab her sewing things. We had lunch together and spent the rest of the day quilting! It was so nice!

We invited her to stay for dinner and FHE. We discussed family unity and ways we can make our home happier. Then popsicles for a treat. After Katherine left, Nate and I watched MI 4 in our room. It was pretty dumb. But I really enjoyed the snuggling. :)

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