Sunday, April 22, 2012

The purple dress

This morning was pretty smooth...except for the ‘Ammon’ part. But that is to be expected. He is 2 afterall. Brenna also didn’t like the dress I picked out for her.  I picked out her new purple dress with hearts on it with a long sleeved white shirt to go under. She wanted the purple dress with short sleeves and flowers that Kaylee used to wear! About 3 purple dresses later, we found the right one.

She only cried for about 10 minutes.

Brenna was SO excited when I pulled this dress out. Grandma Cindy originally made it for Kaylee. She insisted on the purple headband from Grandma Julie matched perfectly.
Ammon fell asleep during sacrament. That never happens! Katherine and a sister named Jillian and her new baby sat by us. During Relief Society, the nursery leader brought Ammon to me. Apparently, he had climbed like a monkey onto a big person chair, fell, and hit his head. Really hard. Like, they thought he might have a concussion. Ammon has been having severe stranger anxiety (particularly when he has been deprived of his nap) so he was elated to see me. I performed a thorough neurological assessment on him and determined he was A-OK. We sat in the foyer for the rest of the hour eating peanut butter crackers.

After that was a Relief Society meeting at my house. 4 of us showed up! There is a huge turn-over in our ward about this time of year because of people graduating and moving away. Our poor board is dwindling. We still had a nice meeting and lunch.

For dinner we went to the Cooper family’s home. They recently had their 4th child. Brother Cooper was actually in Utah when the baby was born! They fed us our first pierogies (like unto a Polish ravioli, very popular among native Pittsburghers). They are always so very kind!

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