Friday, April 20, 2012


Today I took the girls to the Dentist for the first time since the move. It was insane, as always, getting all the kids ready and out the door. I figured it would be like an hour total. They would get their teeth cleaned and I’d drop Kaylee off to school. I didn’t even consider that they might actually have cavities! Both of them had 2!

Kaylee went first. They did x-rays. Then it was Brenna’s turn. She was so brave! They counted her teeth and cleaned them. She wasn’t scared at all! They kept calling her Brianna though, which is really common when people read her name. I couldn’t help but feel like maybe we should have named her Brianna instead to make her life easier...she would be a cute Brianna. Oh well.

When Brenna was all done, they sent us into the waiting room. They did the nitrous oxide to calm her. They filled both cavities sealed her permanent molars. Ammon was bouncing off the walls and running around in circles the entire time. He found one of those vacuum things in the wall and kept flipping it, making a very loud sound every time.

When Kaylee came out, she looked like she was on the verge of tears. She kept saying, “Mom, why does my face feel puffy?” Apparently they had used some local anesthetic, so she was all numb. They had also placed cotton balls in their so she wouldn’t bite her cheek. She couldn’t wait to take those out! Once the numbing stuff wore off, she was in pain. The poor thing cried and cried. She was in no condition to go to school. I gave her the choice of going to school or staying home. She chose to stay home, so I knew she was hurting a lot. I gave her some tylenol and sent her to bed for a nap. She slept a good 2 hours! Ammon won the contest though...he slept like ALL day. They have all had what seems to be pink eye and the ‘crud’ cold. I figured he needed the sleep!

Brenna came down and helped me wash the dishes. She loved it! It was the first time she’d ever really done that with me, and she did a very good job! She felt so big!

I made five-spice chicken for date night. I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house really well and I set up dining in our bedroom like we usually do on Friday nights. We were going to go to the park since it was so warm and sunny, but I decided not to with all that was going on with poor Kaylee. She’s had a rough week! I fed the kids and put a movie in. When Nate got home, we fed the kids and took our food upstairs. It is SO nice to have a few minutes (literally that’s all we get) just to focus on each other!

We let the kids sleep on the couch. We heard Ammon awake at 11! Sheesh. What will we ever do with that boy?

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