Wednesday, April 18, 2012

B-day party at work

 Today at work, I brought in all the labels and magnets I had made. Today is the day we celebrated mine and Nancy’s birthday. They spoiled us! I got a great gift, lunch from Thai me up (Thai food) and a DQ ice cream cake! My boss, Jackie, also came down to celebrate. Even Dr. Chimes wished me a happy birthday. It was such a nice day. I feel so blessed to be so loved on my birthday. :)

{Nancy loves rainbows}

 Diane, the rad tech, brought me these beautiful flowers!

One of my gifts was this t-shirt. I absolutely LOVE it! So appropriate! I just need a picture of me in it at the Heinz football field!

Our full-timers, Kathy and Karen O'Malley, aka K.O.

Kathy, K.O., me, Nancy

Me and the beautiful Diane

 Us and the boss, Jackie, in the middle

This is supposed to be the Angelina Jolie pose...???

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Allison and Darin said...

I really, really like your hair. And I miss you.