Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference, packages, and puking.

Saturday was the first day of conference. We had the house all clean for the occasion. To make it more fun for the children, Nate found the idea to label a few bowls with specific words, and when we heard that word during conference, we would eat whatever treat that was in that bowl. The girls LOVED it! They were eating teddy bear grahams, candy, and mini-wheats when they heard the words family, prayer, temple, and Jesus. We will definitely do that again!

After the morning session, the girls opened 'springtime' packages from Grandma and Grandpa Bringhurst, and also one from Cami. LOOK at all that stuff! They are very loved apparently!

I dashed to Sam’s in between sessions. I was late for the next one...I was so mad! I really should know that I need to stay home if I don’t want to miss any of it.

March 31 is also Angela’s birthday. Thought of her a lot that day. :)

On Sunday we listened to the morning session at home on my ipad. After it was finished, we skyped with the Fausetts. Today is Michael’s birthday, so we got to see him eat a cupcake! I could not believe how big he is. I miss my nephews! Angela was there as well, so we got to wish her a happy birthday in person...sort of!

For the afternoon session, we went to the Minharo’s, who are some friends of ours in the ward. We were hoping to have a BBQ, and we did, but it was raining. A man in our ward named Erve was also there. The Minharo’s also have 3 children, so the kids played together the whole time...with the exception of Kaylee. She said she had a stomach ache and was content to sit down for much of the visit. She also opted out of dinner, which was very unusual for her.

The adults got into a very exciting conversation on the porch. Before we knew it, it was 8:30. We said our goodbyes and were getting ready to head out to our car, when suddenly, Kaylee puked all over the porch! I held Ammon and Nate cleaned up the mess. Well, so much for a good first impression!

Kaylee threw up again the next morning, so, needless to say, she stayed home. I had to work and felt so bad leaving her there! I got a ‘camp out’ all set up on the couch for her, with water and a puke bucket within reach. Luckily she didn’t throw up again after that!

My Mom and Heather are arriving tonight...I CAN’T WAIT!!! I spent the majority of the day cleaning. We are leaving tomorrow for Phili to see the Lopez family. We are going to have a blast!!!

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