Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter-Spring Break in Phili

 Wednesday, April 4th is the day we left for Phili. It was an awesome road trip! Me and mom got to catch up the WHOLE time (a good 4 ½ hours), and Heather was very helpful with the kids. When we got there, we just relaxed and played outdoor games.

Wii dancing party!

Bedding arrangements...

Ammon really struggled at night, so I always ended up turning in early. Mom was usually up with Meri pretty late, and Heather hung out with Gabby. Kaylee, Brenna, and Veronica were the inseparable trio the entire time. 

 One day we went to an AWESOME aquarium in New Jersey!

Look at this incredible view of Philadelphia! It was incredible! And not a cloud in the sky.

Ammon didn't like getting too close to the fish. He got a little nervous.

Kaylee LOVED every minute!

They got to touch the manta ray eels.

Lunchtime with the Lopez family...VERY entertaining!

Yay! Picture with the shark guy!

Another day we went to a ‘bounce house.’ 
Another day an Easter egg hunt! 
When it was actually Easter, Sunday, of course, the Easter bunny came! Later, we had a nice sit-down dinner and later went to a park.

Can you tell they are sisters???

Another great trip to the Lopez residence. We'll be back!

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Kaylee said...

I'm so glad you got to see your mom and sister! It's so hard living far away, I bet that was so fun. Love you!