Friday, May 18, 2012

End of school parties

Today was a special day for both of my girls...end of school party!
I hadn't signed up to help out at Kaylee's school party. Nate had to work, and I didn't think it would be a big deal that I wasn't there. Also, I would have to bring Ammon, so it wasn't possible for me to be there at the party all day. When I was dropping her off, she asked which booth I would be helping with. I told her I had not signed up to help. She began to cry. It broke my heart! I went home and explained what happened to Nate. He agreed that it would be essential for me to make and appearance. I went quickly back to the school. I offered to help at the snow cone booth for 1 hour...the hour that Kaylee's class would come around.
When she saw me, she was BEAMING and began skipping. This moment was priceless and worth every sacrifice! This day meant the world to her.

Brenna joined the 'ward preschool' for a few weeks when her other one at the Woodland Hills High School ended. She got a little certificate and we had a barbeque at the Gardiner's home.

Here is her cute class. Only girl!

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