Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

 After much anticipation, they arrived! On Saturday, they came in the morning for some birthday breakfast and later a birthday BBQ for...GRANDPA!

This picture cracks me up. How can he even enjoy getting into the ice cream when he feels so darn guilty about it?

A very young 40-year-old! {teehee}

 You can count on Ammon to entertain.

Later on to further celebrate, we went to a Pirate's game!
 It's just fun walking over a bridge.

 I can see why the PNC park is the #1 baseball park.

 Cami time=happy time. It's like we were never apart!

Birthday boy got peanuts AND crackerjacks.

Ammon really felt cool when he was sitting in his own seat.

 Birthday fireworks! {Well, that's what WE called them}


I love crossing bridges with Cami. Literally.

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Cindy said...

That was so much fun and the kids were so good...if Mark's 40 then Nate must be 20 and that makes you....with 3 kids...mmmmmm